Mustafaev, Islam

Radiation Safety Problems in the Caspian Region

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Table of contents

Session 1. Radiation-Environmental Monitoring in the Caspian Region

1. Remote Radiation Environment Monitoring
A. M. Pashayev, A. Sh. Mehdiev, A. A. Bayramov

2. Monitoring of the Radioecological Situation in Marine and Coastal Environment of Georgia
M. Avtandilashvili, D. Baratashvili, R. Dunker, Mazmanidi N., S. Pagava, Z. Robakidze, V. Rusetski, G. Togonidze

3. Ecologic Situation of the Aral Sea Region
E. Oteniyazov

4. Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Soil of Industrial Zones of Apsheron Peninsula
L. A. Aliyev

5. Structural Peculiarities of Borosilicates and its Correlation with Radiation-Catalytic Activity
A. M. Gasanov, E. A. Samedov, S. Z. Melikova

6. Characteristics of Broken Grounds at the Former Azgir Nuclear Test Site
E. Z. Akhmetov, Zh. I. Adymov, V. Dzhezairov-Kakhramanov, A. S. Yermatov

Session 2. Radiation-Environmental Monitoring Methods - General Issues

7. Early Warning Environmental Radiation Monitoring System
Necati Küçükarslan, Adem Erdogan, Ahmet Güven, Yusuf Gülay

8. Uranium Production as a Byproduct from Yarimca Phosphoric Acid Plant
G. önal, S. Atak

9. Biotesting of Radiation Pollutions Genotoxicity with the Plants Bioassays
N. Kutsokon, N. Rashydov, V. Berezhna, D. Grodzinsky

10. Structure of Met30-Ser40 Segment in N-Terminus of Human Tyrosine Hydroxylase Type1
Irada N. Alieva, Narmina Mustafayeva, Dshavanchir Aliev

Session 3. Natural and Artificial Sources of Radioactivity in the Caspian Region

11. Ecological Situation at “KOSHKAR-ATA” Nuclear Test Site
K. K. Kadyrzhanov, K. A. Kuterbekov, S. N. Lukashenko, V. N. Gluschenko, M. M. Burkitbaev, N. G. Kijatkina, V. S. Morenko, S. P. Pivovarov

12. Problem of Risk Modeling: Influence of Uranium Storage on Environment
A. K. Tynybekov

13. Radioactive Minerals and Nuclear Fuels in Turkey
Dundar Renda

14. Solvent Extraction of Uranium from Wet Process Phosphoric Acids
Seref Girgin, Ayhan Ali Sirkeci, Neset Acarkan

15. Radioactivity of Lakes in the Urbanized Territories
V. A. Mammadov

16. Natural Radionuclides in Soil-Plants in Sheki-Zakatala Zone of Azerbaijan
A. A. Garibov, I. A. Abbasova, M. A. Abdullayev, Ch. S. Aliyev

Session 4. Radiodiagnostics and Radiotherapy

17. Prevention of Accidental Exposures to Radiodiagnostics and Radiotherapy Patients
Mohammed K. Zaidi, Thomas F. Gesell

18. New Approach to Use of Polyene Antibiotics
V. Kh. Ibragimova, I. N. Alieva, D. I. Aliev

Session 5. Radiation Safety Problems in Oil Industry

19. Radiological Impact on Man and the Environment from the Oil and Gas Industry: Risk Assessment for the Critical Group
F. Steinhäusler

20. Radiation-Thermal Purification of Waster Water from Oil Pollution
I. Mustafaev, N. Guliyeva, S. Aliyev, I. Mamedyarova

21. Radiation-Thermal Refining of Organic Parts of Oil-Bituminous Rocks
I. Mustafaev, L. Jabbarova, N. Guliyeva, K. Yagubov

22. Radio-Ecological State of Absheron Oil and Gas Extracting Fields
R. N. Mehdiyeva, H. M. Mahmudov, M. F. Gaffarov

23. Influence of Technological Cycles of Natural Gas Treatment on Radioactive Radon Content in its Composition
A. A. Garibov, G. F. Miralamov, R. Ch. Mamedov, G. Z. Velibekova

24. Marine Gamma Survey of Seabed of Caspian Sea
Z. T. Bayramov, A. M. Gasanov

Session 6. Export Control of Nuclear Materials

25. Outlook to Nonproliferation Activities in the World and Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy Among Turkey, Caucasian and Central Asian Countries
Nevzat Birsen

26. Emerging Nuclear Security Issues for Transit Countries
I. A. Gabulov

27. Solution of Questions of Non-Proliferation in Georgia
Anatol Gorgoshidze

28. Nuclear Terrorism and Protection of Ecology
Zaur Ahmad-zada, Dzhavanshir Aliev

Session 7. New Methods and Technics of Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation

29. Thermoluminescence Personal and Medical Dosimetry
Mária Ranogajec-Komor

30. Aqueous-Phase Chemical Reactions in the Atmosphere
Alexander N. Yermakov, Igor K. Larin, Anton A. Ugarov

31. Measurement of Natural Radioactivity in Phosphogypsum by High Resolution Gamma Ray Spectrometry
H. Yücel, H. Demirel, A. Parmaksiz, H. Karadeniz, I. Türk Çakir, B. Çetiner, A. Zararsiz, M. Kaplan, S. Özgür, H. Kislal, M. B. Halitligil, I. Tükenmez

32. Electret Polymer Materials for Dosimetry of ?-Irradiation
A. M. Magerramov, M. K. Kerimov, E. M. Hamidov

Session 8. Environmental Impact of Electromagnetic Field. Radar Stations

33. Environmental Impact of Electromagnetic Fields
Edwin Mantiply

34. Ecological Problems of Power Engineering - Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Safety
M. S. Qasimzade, F. S. Aydayev, V. M. Salahov

Session 9. Ngo-Activity in The Caspian Region on Radiation Safety

35. The Professional-Oriented Regional Radioecological Collaboration of Southern Caucasian States
M. Avtandilashvili, S. Pagava, Z. Robakidze, V. Rusetski

36. Public Opinion and Its Influence on Prospects of Development of Nuclear Power
E. A. Rudneva, A. V. Rudnev, N. P. Tarasova

37. Analysis of Radio Ecological Situation in Azerbaijan
L. A. Aliyev


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