Fosdick, Roger L.

The Rational Spirit in Modern Continuum Mechanics

Fosdick, Roger L. - The Rational Spirit in Modern Continuum Mechanics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Memories of Clifford Truesdell
Bernard D. Coleman

2. Clifford Truesdell (1919–2000), Historian of Mathematics
Enrico Giusti

3. The Genesis of Truesdell’s Nonlinear Field Theories of Mechanics
Walter Noll

4. An Appreciation of Clifford Truesdell
James Serrin

5. Clifford A. Truesdells Contributions to the Euler and the Bernoulli Edition
D. Speiser

6. Invariant Dissipative Mechanisms for the Spatial Motion of Rods Suggested by Artificial Viscosity
Stuart S. Antman

7. An Average-Stretch Full-Network Model for Rubber Elasticity
Millard F. Beatty

8. From 3-D Nonlinear Elasticity Theory to 1-D Bars with Nonconvex Energy
Michele Buonsanti, Gianni Royer-Carfagni

9. Eshelby Tensor as a Tensor of Free Enthalpy
Giovanni Buratti, Yongzhong Huo, Ingo Müller

10. E. Frola (1906–1962): an Attempt Towards an Axiomatic Theory of Elasticity
Sandro Caparrini, Franco Pastrone

11. Symmetries and Hamiltonian Formalism for Complex Materials
Gianfranco Capriz, Paolo Maria Mariano

12. Geometrically-based Consequences of Internal Constraints
Donald E. Carlson, Eliot Fried, Daniel A. Tortorelli

13. Second Variation Condition and Quadratic Integral Inequalities with Higher Order Derivatives
Yi-Chao Chen

14. Principal Compliance and Robust Optimal Design
Elena Cherkaev, Andrej Cherkaev

15. Rivlin’s Representation Formula is Ill-Conceived for the Determination of Response Functions via Biaxial Testing
John C. Criscione

16. Generalized Hessian and External Approximations in Variational Problems of Second Order
Cesare Davini, Roberto Paroni

17. Static Deformations of a Linear Elastic Porous Body Filled with an Inviscid Fluid
F. Delllisola, G. Sciarra, R. C. Batra

18. A Class of Fit Regions and a Universe of Shapes for Continuum Mechanics
Gianpietro Piero

19. Toward a Field Theory for Elastic Bodies Undergoing Disarrangements
Luca Deseri, David R. Owen

20. Continuous Distributions of Dislocations in Bodies with Microstructure
Marcelo Epstein, Ioan Bucataru

21. A Model of the Evolution of a Two-dimensional Defective Structure
Marcelo Epstein, Marek Elzanowski

22. On the Theory of Rotation Twins in Crystal Multilattices
J. L. Ericksen

23. Minimum Free Energies for Materials with Finite Memory
Mauro Fabrizio, Murrough Golden

24. About Clapeyron’s Theorem in Linear Elasticity
Roger Fosdick, Lev Truskinovsky

25. The Lavrentiev Phenomenon in Nonlinear Elasticity
M. Foss, W. Hrusa, V. J. Mizel

26. Steady Flow of a Navier-Stokes Fluid around a Rotating Obstacle
Giovanni P. Galdi

27. Global Bifurcation in Nonlinear Elasticity with an Application to Barrelling States of Cylindrical Columns
Timothy J. Healey, Errol L. Montes-Pizarro

28. Constitutive Relation of Elastic Polycrystal with Quadratic Texture Dependence
Mojia Huang, Chi-Sing Man

29. Reconstruction Formula for Identifying Cracks
Masaru Ikehata, Gen Nakamura

30. An Approximate Treatment of Blunt Body Impact
R. J. Knops, Piero Villaggio

31. On the Transformation Property of the Deformation Gradient under a Change of Frame
I-Shih Liu

32. Some New Advances in the Theory of Dynamic Materials
Konstantin A. Lurie

33. Pseudo-plasticity and Pseudo-inhomogeneity Effects in Materials Mechanics
Gerard A. Maugin

34. On the Microscopic Interpretation of Stress and Couple Stress
A. Ian Murdoch

35. The Hanging Rope of Minimum Elongation for a Nonlinear Stress-Strain Relation
Pablo V. Negrón-Marrero

36. On Certain Weak Phase Transformations in Multilattices
Mario Pitteri

37. A New Quasilinear Model for Plate Buckling
Paolo Podio-Guidugli

38. Cauchy’s Flux Theorem in Light of Geometric Integration Theory
G. Rodnay, R. Segev

39. A Comparison of the Response of Isotropic Inhomogeneous Elastic Cylindrical and Spherical Shells and Their Homogenized Counterparts
U. Saravanan, K.R. Rajagopal

40. On SO(n)-Invariant Rank 1 Convex Functions
M. Šilhavý

41. On Thermodynamics of Nonlinear Poroelastic Materials
K. Wilmannski

42. Anisotropic Elasticity and Multi-Material Singularities
Wan-Lee Yin


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