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Comparative Risk Assessment and Environmental Decision Making

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Table of contents

1. Comparative Risk Assessment: Past Experience, Current Trends and Future Directions
C. J. Andrews, D. S. Apul, I. Linkov

2. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: A Framework for Structuring Remedial Decisions at Contaminated Sites
I. Linkov, A. Varghese, S. Jamil, T. P. Seager, G. Kiker, T. Bridges

Part 1. Comparative Risk Assessment: Methods, Tools and Applications

3. Using Comparative Exposure Analsis to Validate Low-Dose Human Health Risk Assessment: The Case of Perchlorate
R. B. Belzer, G. M. Bruce, M. K. Peterson, R. C. Pleus

4. Comparison of Risks from Use of Traditional and Recycled Road Construction Materials: Accounting for Variability in Contaminant Release Estimates
D. S. Apul, K. H. Gardner, T. T. Eighmy

5. Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Nepal and Hindukush-Himalayan Region
S. Schumann

6. A Comparative Risk Approach to Assessing Point-of-Use Water treatment Systems in Developing Countries
A. Varghese

7. Risk-Based Evaluation of the Surface Cover Technology of a Red Sludge Waste Disposal Site in Hungary
T. Madarász

8. Towards a More Coherent Regional Environment Agenda in the Middle East: Exploring the Role of Comparative Risk Assessment
A. Tal

9. Lessons from the New Jersey Comparative Risk Project
C. J. Andrews

10. A Proposed Framework for Multinational Comparative Risk Analysis: Pesticide Use, Impacts and Management
J. A. Shatkin, I. Andreas, D. S. Apul, A. Attia, M. Brambilla, F. Carini, Y. Elshayeb, S. Girgin, G. Ignatavitus, T. Mandarász, M. Small, O. Smirnova, J. Sorvari, A. Tal

Part 2. Environmental Decision Making

11. The Value of Information for Conflict Resolution
M. J. Small

12. Integrated Assessment Modeling
L. James Valverde

13. Classification Schemes for Priority Setting and Decision Making
J. A. Shatkin, S. Qian

14. Uncertainty as a Resource in Risk Comparisons
D. Hassenzahl

15. Incorporating Habitat Characterization Into Risk-Trace Software for Spatially Explicit Exposure Assessment
I. Linkov, L. Kapustka, A. Grebenkov, A. Andrizhievski, A. Loukashevich, A. Trifonov

16. Use of GIS as a Supporting Tool for Environmental Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plans
S. Girgin, K. Unlu, U. Yetis

17. Integrated Risk Analysis for Sustainable Water Resources Management
J. Ganoulis

18. Overcoming Uncertainties in Risk Analysis: Trade-Offs among Methods of Uncertainty Analysis
Y. Elshayeb

19. Comparative Risk Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment: Similarity in Quantitative Methods
N. Bobylev

20. Combining Expert Judgement and Stakeholder Values with Promethee: A case Study in Contaminated Sediments
S. H. Rogers, T. P. Seager, K. H. Gardner

21. Analysis in Support of Environmental Decision-Making
C. J. Andrews, L. J. Valverde

Part 3. Case Studies in Risk Assessment and Environmental Decision Making

22. Water Quality Challenges Facing Egypt
S. T. Abdel-Gawad

23. Risk Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Pesticides
A. M. Attia

24. The Role of Air Pollutants and Sewage Waste in Acceleration of Degradation of the Islamic Cultural Heritage of Cairo
A. A. El-Metwally, A. Bakr Ramadan

25. Irrigation with Treated Wastewater in Israel-Assessment of Environmental Aspects
N. Haruvy

26. The Environment Sector in Jordan
B. Hayek

27. Comparative Risk Assessment for Homogeneous and Nonhomogeneous Mammalian Populations Exposed to Low Level Radiation
O. A. Smirnova

28. Risk Assessment of the Influence of Anthropogenic Factors on Human Safety and Health
A. Kachinski

29. Environmental Risk Prevention and Environment Management in Lithuanian Military Lands
G. Ignatavicius

30. Environmental Risk Management Issues in Romania — Economic Information Policy in a Transition Period
I. Andreas

31. A Brief History of Risk Assessment and Management After the Seveso Accident
G. U. Fortunati


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