Levinshtein, Michael

Advanced Experimental Methods For Noise Research in Nanoscale Electronic Devices

Levinshtein, Michael - Advanced Experimental Methods For Noise Research in Nanoscale Electronic Devices, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Noise Sources

1. 1/f Noise Sources
F.N. Hooge

2. Noise Sources in GaN/AlGaN Quantum Wells and Devices
S. Rumyantsev

3. 1/f Noise in Nanomaterials and Nanostructurea: Old Questions in a New Fashion
M. N. Mihaila

4. 1/f Spectra as a Consequence of the Randomness of Variance
G. Härtler

5. Quantum Phase Locking, 1/f Noise and Entanglement
M. Planat, H. Rosu

6. Shot Noise in Mesoscopic Devices and Quantum Dot Networks
M. Macucci, P. Marconcini, G. Iannaccone, M. Gattobigio, G. Basso, B. Pellegrini

7. Super-Poissonian Noise in Nanostructures
Ya. M. Blanter

8. Stochastic and Deterministic Models of Noise
J. Kumicák

II. Noise in Nanoscale Devices

9. Noise in Optoelectronic Devices
R. Alabedra

10. Fluctuations of Optical and Electrical Parameters and Their Correlation of Multiple-Quantum-Well INGAAS/INP Lasers
S. Pralgauskaite, V. Palenskis, J. Matukas

11. Microwave Noise and Fast/Ultrafast Electronic Processes in Nitride 2DEG Channels
A. Matulionis

12. Noise of High Temperature Superconducting Bolometers
I.A. Khrebtov

13. 1/f Noise in MOSTs: Faster is Noisier
L.K.J. Vandamme

14. Experimental Assessment of Quantum Effects in the Low-Frequency Noise and RTS of Deep Submicron MOSFETs
E. Simoen, A. Mercha, C. Claeys

15. Noise and Tunneling Through the 2.5 nm Gate Oxide in Soi MOSFETs
N. Lukyanchikova, E. Simoen, A. Mercha, C. Claeys

16. Low Frequency Noise Studies of Si Nano-Crystal Effects in MOS Transistors and Capacitors
S. Ferraton, L. Montès, I. Ionica, J. Zimmermann, J. A. Chroboczek

17. Noise Modelling in Low Dimensional Electronic Structures
L. Reggiani, V. Ya Aleshkin, A. Reklaitis

18. Correlation Noise Measurements and Modeling of Nanoscale MOSFETs
J. Lee, G. Bosman

19. Tunneling Effects and Low Frequency Noise of GaN/GaAlN HFETs
M. Levinshtein, S. Rumyantsev, M. S. Shur

20. High Frequency Noise Sources Extraction in Nanometique MOSFETs
F. Danneville, G. Pailloncy, G. Dambrine

21. Iiformative “Passport Data” of Surface Nano- and Mocrostrucures
S. F. Timashev, A. B. Solovieva, G. V. Vstovsky

III. Noise Measurement Technique

22. Noise Measurement Technique
L.K.J. Vandamme

23. Techniques for High-Sensitivity Measurements of Shot Noise in Nanostructures
B. Pellegrini, G. Basso, M. Macucci

24. Correlation Spectrum Analyzer: Pringiples and Limits in Noise Measurements
G. Ferrari, M. Sampietro

25. Measurement and Analysis Methods for Random Telegraph Signals
Z. Çelik-Butler

26. RTS in Quantum Dots and MOSFETs: Experimental Set-Up with Long-Time Stability and Magnetic Field Compensation
J. Sikula, J. Pavelka, M. Tacano, S. Hashiguchi, M. Toita

27. Some Considerations for the Construction of Low-Noise Amplifiers in Very Low Frequency Region
J. Sikula, S. Hashiguchi, M. Ohki, M. Tacano

28. Measurements of Low Frequency Noise in Nano-Grained RuO2+Glass Films Below 1 K
A. Kolek

29. Technique for Investigation of Non-Gaussian and Non-Stationary Properties of LF Noise in Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices
A. Yakimov, A. Belyakov, S. Medvedev, A. Moryashin, M. Perov

30. The Noise Background Suppression of Noise Measuring Set-UP
P. Hruska, K. Hajek

31. Accuracy of Noise Measurements for 1/f and GR Noise
I. Slaidinš

32. Radiofrequency and Microwave Noise Metrology
E. Rubiola, V. Giordano

33. Treatment of Noise Data in Laplace Plane
B.M. Grafov

34. Measurement of Noise Parameter Set in the Low Frequency Range: Requirements and Instrumentation
L. Hasse

35. Techniques of Interference Reduction in Probe System for Wafer Level Noise Measurements of Submicron Semiconductor Devices
L. Spiralski, A. Szewczyk, L. Hasse

36. Hooge Mobility Fluctuations in n-InSb Magnetoresistors As a Reference for Access Resistance LF-Noise Measurements of SiGe Metamorphic HMOS FETs
S. Durov, O.A. Mironov, M. Myronov, T.E. Whall, V.T. Igumenov, V.M. Konstantinov, V.V. Paramonov

37. Optimised Preamplifier for LF-Noise MOSFET Characterization
S. Durov, O.A. Mironov

38. Net of YBCO and LSMO Thermometers for Bolometric Applications
B. Guillet, L Méchin, F. Yang, J.M. Routoure, G. Dem, C. Gunther, D. Robbes, R.A. Chakalov

39. Diagnostics of GaAs Light Emitting Diode pn Junctions
P. Koktavy, B. Koktavy

40. New Tools For Fast And Senstive Noise Measurements
J. Sikula, M. Tacano, S. Yokokura, S. Hashiguchi

41. Using a Novel, Computer Controlled Automatic System for LF Noise Measurements Under Point Probes
J.A. Chroboczek, S. Ferraton, G. Piantino


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