Liu, Kecheng

Virtual, Distributed and Flexible Organisations

Liu, Kecheng - Virtual, Distributed and Flexible Organisations, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Organisational Behaviour

1. Semiotics, Compassion and Value-Centered Design
Joseph A Goguen

2. Semionics: A Proposal for the Semiotic Modelling of Organisations
Ricardo R. Gudwin

3. Anticipated Activities
Peter Bøgh Andersen

4. Launching Organisational Semiotics in the Real World: How to Prepare for It?
Carlos Alberto Cocozza Simoni, Maria Cecília Calani Baranaukas

5. What is in a Commitment?
Joaquim Filipe

6. Information System Design as a Persistent Multi-Viewpoints Requirements Elicitation Process
Pierre-Jean Charrel

7. Organisational Learning in Complex Environments
Elena Revilla, José Sánchez-Alarcos

8. The Assurance Paradigm
Hart Will, Darren Whobrey

9. Social Constructs and Boundedly Rational Actors
Martin Helmhout, Henk W. M. Gazendam, René J. Jorna

10. E-Business Model in PC Manufacture:
Rusdy Hartung, Oscar Mangisengi, Abraham K. Lomi

11. Considering Norms and Signs within an Information Source-Bearer-Receiver (S-B-R) Framework
Wei Hu, Junkang Feng

12. Facilitating Useful Object-Orientation for Virtual Ebusiness Organisations Through Semiotics
Simon Polovina, Duncan Strang

II. Systems Interface

13. A Semiotic Model of User-Interface Metaphor
Pippin Barr, Robert Biddle, James Noble

14. The Semiotics of User Interfaces
Jonas Sjöström, Göran Goldkuhl

15. Interface Design for the Changing Organisation
Rodrigo Bonacin, M. Cecili, C. Baranauskas, Kecheng Liu

III. Communication and Action

16. Designing Space Systems in Multi-Viewpoints Semiotics
Daniel Galarreta

17. On the Semiotic Analysis of International Communication Over Computer Networks
John H. Connolly, Iain W. Phillips

18. A Semiotic Insight Into Model Mapping
Hongwei Xu, Junkang Feng

19. Identifying Business Process Patterns Using Semantic Analysis
Boris Shishkov, Zhiwu Xie, Kecheng Liu, Jan L. G. Dietz

20. Aiding Semiotic Analysis Using Natural Language Processing Tools
Ken Cosh, Pete Sawyer

21. Improving the Feedback to Candidates of Multiple Choice Tests
William Fone


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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