Barsegian, G. A.

Topics in Analysis and its Applications

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Table of contents

1. Shilov Boundary for Normed Algebras
Alain Escassut, Nicolas Mai Netti

2. BMO-Mappings in the Plane
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu, Victoria Stanciu

3. Harmonic Forms on Non-Orientable Surfaces
Angel Alonso, Arturo Fernández, Javier Pérez

4. Periodic Fatou Components and Singularities of the Inverse Function
Walter Bergweiler

5. On the Normality of Topological Target Manifolds for Riemann-Hilbert Problems
E. Wegert, G. Semmler

6. Geometric Aspects of Generalized Analytic Functions
Gia Giorgadze

7. The Riemann-Hilbert Boundary Value Problem on a Cut Plane
N. Manjavieze

8. On the Logarithmic Derivative of Meromorphic Functions
A. A. Mokhon’ko, A. Z. Mokhon’ko

9. Methods for Studying Level Sets of Smooth Enough Functions
G. A. Barsegian, G. A. Sukiasyan

10. Gamma-Lines of Polynomials and a Problem by Erdös-Herzog-Piranian
G. A. Barsegian

11. A Method for Studying Oscillations of Nonlinear Differential Equations. Applications to Some Equations in Biology and Economics
K. Barseghyan, G. A. Barsegian

12. Counting Points of Semi-Algebraic Subsets
T. Aliashvili

13. Behaviour at Infinity of Polynomials of Two Variables
H. G. Ghazaryan, V. N. Margaryan

14. On Some Properties of Degenerate Elliptic Systems of Partial Differential Equations
Abduhamid Dzhuraev

15. Formulas for Derivatives of Solutions of the bar partial -Equation in the Ball
A. I. Petrosyan

16. On Some Complex Differential and Singular Integral Operators
H. Begehr, A. Dzhuraev

17. Boundary and Initial Value Problems for Higher Order PDEs in Clifford Analysis
E. Obolashvili

18. On Unique Solvability of the Dirichlet Problem for One Class of Properly Elliptic Equations
A. O. Babayan

19. Dirichlet Problems with Nonsmooth Boundary
A. Okay Çelebi

20. Dirichlet Problem in the Half-Plane for RO-Varying Weight Functions
H. Hairapetian

21. About One Class of Volterra Type Linear Integral Equations with an Interior Fixed Singular or Super-Singular Point
Nusrat Rajabov

22. The Method of Discrete Singularities of Solutions of Singular Integral Equations with Unmoved Singularity
Avetik Sahakyan

23. Localization Operators, Wigner Transforms and Paraproducts
M. W. Wong

24. The Flight of an Aircraft Along a Given Trajectory and Optimal Flight Control
N. E. Tovmasyan

25. On Mathematical Problems of Two-Dimensional Tomography
A Vagarshakyan

26. On a Mixed Problem for a Composite Plane Weakened by arc-Type Cracks
V. N. Hakobyan, L. L. Dashtoyan

27. Solution of the Two-Dimensional Magnetoelastic Lamb Problem
G. Y. Baghdasaryan, Z. N. Danoyan, M. A. Mikilyan

28. On an Eigenvalue Problem for the Anisotropic Strip
Mher Aghalovyan

29. On Singular Perturbed Equations of Thin Bodies
Lenser Aghalovyan

30. Exactly Solvable Models of Stochastic Quantum Mechanics within the Framework of Langevin-Schroedinger Type Equations
A. S. Gevorkyan

31. Generating Functions and Wavelet-Like Decompositions
Anry Nersessian


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