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The Palgrave Handbook of the History of Surgery

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: What Is Special About the History of Surgery?
Thomas Schlich

Part I. Periods and Topics

2. Surgery and Its Histories: Purposes and Contexts
Christopher Lawrence

3. Pre-modern Surgery: Wounds, Words, and the Paradox of ‘Tradition’
Faith Wallis

4. Medicalizing the Surgical Trade, 1650–1820: Workers, Knowledge, Markets and Politics
Christelle Rabier

5. Surgery Becomes a Specialty: Professional Boundaries and Surgery
Peter J. Kernahan

6. Between Human and Veterinary Medicine: The History of Animals and Surgery
Abigail Woods

7. Women in Surgery: Patients and Practitioners
Claire Brock

8. Nursing and Surgery: Professionalisation, Education and Innovation
Rosemary Wall, Christine E. Hallett

9. Opening the Abdomen: The Expansion of Surgery
Sally Frampton

10. Surgery and Anaesthesia: Revolutions in Practice
Stephanie J. Snow

11. The History of Surgical Wound Infection: Revolution or Evolution?
Michael Worboys

12. Surgical Instruments: History and Historiography
Claire L. Jones

Part II. Links

13. Surgery and Architecture: Spaces for Operating
Annmarie Adams

14. Visualizing Surgery: Surgeons’ Use of Images, 1600–Present
Harriet Palfreyman, Christelle Rabier

15. Art and Surgery: The Expert Hands of Artists and Surgeons
Mary Hunter

16. Surgery and Emotion: The Era Before Anaesthesia
Michael Brown

17. Surgery and Popular Culture: Situating the Surgeon and the Surgical Experience in Popular Media
Susan E. Lederer

18. Surgery, Imperial Rule and Colonial Societies (1800–1930): Technical, Institutional and Social Histories
Kieran Fitzpatrick

19. Surgery and War: The Discussions About the Usefulness of War for Medical Progress
Leo Bergen

Part III. Areas and Technologies

20. Transplantation Surgery: Organ Replacement Between Reductionism and Systemic Approaches
Sibylle Obrecht

21. Opening the Skull: Neurosurgery as a Case Study of Surgical Specialisation
Delia Gavrus

22. Cancer: Radical Surgery and the Patient
David Cantor

23. Surgery and Clinical Trials: The History and Controversies of Surgical Evidence
David S. Jones

24. Bariatric and Cosmetic Surgery: Shifting Rationales in Contemporary Surgical Practices
Jean-Philippe Gendron

25. A Revolution Through the Keyhole: Technology, Innovation, and the Rise of Minimally Invasive Surgery
Nicholas Whitfield

Keywords: History, Social History, History of Medicine, Surgery, Cultural History

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