Fernández-Molina, Irene

Global, Regional and Local Dimensions of Western Sahara’s Protracted Decolonization

Fernández-Molina, Irene - Global, Regional and Local Dimensions of Western Sahara’s Protracted Decolonization, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Towards a Multilevel Analysis of the Western Sahara Conflict and the Effects of its Protractedness
Irene Fernández-Molina

Part 1. Global Level

2. The United Nations’ Change in Approach to Resolving the Western Sahara Conflict since the Turn of the Twenty-First Century
Anna Theofilopoulou

3. The Geopolitical Functions of the Western Sahara Conflict: US Hegemony, Moroccan Stability and Sahrawi Strategies of Resistance
Jacob Mundy

4. The EU’s Reluctant Engagement with the Western Sahara Conflict: Between Humanitarian Aid and Parliamentary Involvement
María Luisa Grande-Gascón, Susana Ruiz-Seisdedos

Part 2. Regional Levels

5. Western Sahara and the Arab Spring
Inmaculada Szmolka

6. Algerian Foreign Policy towards Western Sahara
Laurence Thieux

7. Beyond Western Sahara, the Sahel-Maghreb Axis Looms Large
Luis Martinez, Rasmus Alenius Boserup

8. The Role of Sahrawis and the Polisario Front in Maghreb-Sahel Regional Security
Miguel G. Guindo, Alberto Bueno

Part 3. National and Local Levels (1): Moroccan Governance of the Western Sahara Territory

9. Western Sahara in the Framework of the New Moroccan Advanced Regionalization Reform
Raquel Ojeda-García, Ángela Suárez-Collado

10. The Western Saharan Members of the Moroccan Parliament: Diplomacy and Perceptions of Identity
Laura Feliu, María Angustias Parejo

11. Changes in Moroccan Public Policies in the Western Sahara and International Law: Adjustments to a New Social Context in Dakhla
Victoria Veguilla

Part 4. National and Local Levels (2): Saharawi Resistance and Identity

12. Memory and Resistance: A Historical Account of the First “Intifadas” and Civil Organizations in the Territory of Western Sahara
Claudia Barona, Joseph Dickens-Gavito

13. Western Saharan and Southern Moroccan Sahrawis: National Identity and Mobilization
Isaías Barreñada

14. The View from Tindouf: Western Saharan Women and the Calculation of Autochthony
Konstantina Isidoros

15. “For Us, Parliament Is a Tool for Liberation”: Elections as an Opportunity for a Transterritorial Sahrawi Population
Alice Wilson

Part 5. Conclusion

16. Conclusion
Francesco Cavatorta

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, African Politics, Conflict Studies, Poverty, Aid and Development, Regionalism, Foreign Policy, Public Policy

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