Brackenridge, R. D. C.

Brackenridge’s Medical Selection of Life Risks

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Table of contents

1. A Historical Survey of the Development of Life Assurance
R. D. C. Brackenridge

2. Types of Life and Health Insurance Policies
Peter Maynard

3. Principles of Risk Selection and Classification
Harry A. Woodman

4. The Application of Life Table Methodology to Risk Appraisal
Richard B. Singer

5. The Rating of Substandard Lives
Michael W. Kita

6. Underwriting Genetic Diseases
J. Alexander Lowden

7. Older Age Underwriting
Linda Goodwin

8. Underwriting Younger Ages: Pediatric Mortality Risk Evaluation
Patrick D. Snow

9. Principles of Disability: Benefits and Underwriting
John Locascio

10. Long-Term Care Underwriting
Daniel C. Elliott, Emilio Rubi

11. Impaired Life Annuities
Geoffrey H. Robb, Richard Willets

12. Structured Settlements
James A. Ryan, Roger F. Harbin

13. Application Processing
Gary Bundock

14. Life Underwriting and Information Technology
David Hodkinson

15. The Concept of Health and Disease
R. D. C. Brackenridge

16. The Physical Examination
R. D. C. Brackenridge

17. Laboratory Testing and Risk Classification
Richard E. Braun

18. Build
Kevin Somerville

19. Blood Pressure
W. John Elder, R. D. C. Brackenridge

20. Diabetes Mellitus
Geoffrey H. Robb, Ross Lawrenson

21. Cardiovascular Disorders
Ross MacKenzie, Richard S. Croxson, Gordon R. Cumming

22. Electrocardiography
Michael Clark

23. Respiratory Disorders
Martin L. Engman, Rodney C. Richie

24. Diseases of the Kidneys and Urinary Tract
Howard L. Minuk

25. Diseases of the Liver and Alimentary Tract
M. E. C. Thorpe

26. Oncology
Shanklin B. Cannon

27. Diseases of the Blood
Ursula B. Wandl

28. Endocrine Disorders
Anthony Toft

29. Diseases of the Nervous System
F. Clifford Rose, R. D. C. Brackenridge

30. Psychiatric Disorders
Ursula B. Wandl

31. Substance Abuse
Robert W. Watson

32. Rheumatic Disorders
Neil Cardoe, R. D. C. Brackenridge

33. Musculoskeletal Disorders
R. D. C. Brackenridge, Geoffrey H. Robb

34. Infectious Diseases
Jan Overbeck

35. HIV and AIDS
Jan Overbeck, Annelies S. Zinkernagel

36. Tropical Diseases
Jan Overbeck, Fajah S. Peshi

37. Pregnancy and Female Reproductive Disorders
Polly M. Galbraith

38. Miscellaneous Impairments
R. D. C. Brackenridge

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