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The Book of Payments

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The 360 Degrees of Cashlessness
Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo, Leonidas Efthymiou

Part 1. Banknotes, Coins, Materiality and Barter

2. Pre-1900 Utopian Visions of the ‘Cashless Society’
Matthew Hollow

3. The Banknote, a Momentous Innovation in Spain
Yolanda Blasco-Martel, Carles Sudrià-Triay

4. Innovating Means of Payment in Chile, 1840s–1860
César Ross

5. The Many Monies of King Cotton: Domestic and Foreign Currencies in New Orleans, 1856–1860
Manuel A. Bautista–González

6. The Art of Lending in the Pampas: Commercial Credit and Financial Intermediation in Argentina, 1900–1930
Andrea Lluch

7. Matching Cash and Kind: Argentina’s Experimentation with Multiple Currencies, 1995–2005
Georgina M. Gómez

8. A South American Experience on Bartering: The Case of Tradaq in Brazil
José E. Rivero García

Part 2. Emergence and Future of Cashless Technologies

9. Dematerialization and the Cashless Society: A Look Backward, a Look Sideward
Patrice Baubeau

10. Origins of the Modern Concept of a Cashless Society, 1950s–1970s
Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo, Thomas Haigh, David L. Stearns

11. From Teleprocessing to Cashless Payment Technologies: “La Caixa” 1960–2015
J. Carles Maixé-Altés

12. Limits to Cashless Payments and the Persistence of Cash. Hypotheses About Mexico
Gustavo A. Del Angel

13. The Cyprus Cash Crash: A Case of Collective Punishment
Leonidas Efthymiou, Sophia Michael

14. CajaVecina: The Bancarization of Chile Through Corner Shops
Juan Felipe Espinosa Cristia, José Ignacio Alarcón Molina

Part 3. Paying with Plastic

15. Entrée: The Rocky Origins of Visa’s Debit Card
David L. Stearns

16. Protecting Plastic: Credit Card Fraud in Historical Perspective
Sean H. Vanatta

17. Mondex and VisaCash: A First (Failed) Attempt at an Electronic Purse
Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo, Tony Moretta

18. The Matter of Payment
Joe Deville

19. The Russian Payments Scheme: Politics, Innovation and the Cash Problem
Daniel Gusev

20. Who Holds Credit Cards and Bank Accounts in Uruguay? Evidence from Survey of Uruguayan Households Finances
Graciela Sanroman, Guillermo Santos

Part 4. Mobile Payments

21. Mobile Banking in Africa: The Current State of Play
M. Rouse, G. Verhoef

22. Mobile Payments in Turkey (as of 2013)
Nurdilek Dalziel, Can Ali Avunduk

23. Electronic Payment System of Thailand: Mobile Banking Market Competition
Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat

24. The Determinants of Mobile Payment Adoption: An Intercultural Study
Uwe Hack

25. Can Mobile Money Replace Cash in India?
Lakshmi Kumar

26. A Gentle Introduction to Side Channel Attacks on Smartphones
Laurent Simon

27. Barriers and Drivers to Future Bank Adoption of Mobile Banking: A Stakeholder Perspective
Jennifer Mullan, Laura Bradley, Sharon Loane

Part 5. Payments Systems and Digital Currencies

28. European Payments: A Path Towards the Single Market for Payments
Ruth Wandhöfer

29. The Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA): Implementation in Spain
Santiago Carbo-Valverde, Francisco Rodríguez Fernández

30. Revolutionizing Cashless Payments in Mexico: The Case of Mimoni/Lumbrera
Gabriel Manjarrez

31. The Future of Money
Anette Broløs

32. Payments as We Know Them Are Changing––ebarts the Social eCurrency: Tomorrow’s Cash
Yasmine Arafa, Cornelia Boldyreff, Miriam Morris

33. Milestones for a Global Cashless Economy
Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo, Leonidas Efthymiou, Sophia Michael

Keywords: Finance, Financial Services, Banking

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