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Time Perspective

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Table of contents

1. Time for Time Perspective
Aleksandra Kostić, Derek Chadee

2. Time Perspective and Financial Health: To Improve Financial Health, Traditional Financial Literacy Skills Are Not Sufficient. Understanding Your Time Perspective Is Critical
Philip Zimbardo, Nick Clements, Umbelina Rego Leite

3. A New Measure of the Expanded Present Time Perspective
Zara M. Zimbardo, Rose McDermott, Philip G. Zimbardo

4. Balanced Time Perspective: Developing Empirical Profile and Exploring Its Stability over Time
Britt Wiberg, Anna Sircova, Marie Wiberg, Maria G. Carelli

5. Balanced Time Perspective: Many Questions and Some Answers
Antanas Kairys, Audronė Liniauskaitė, Albinas Bagdonas, Vilmantė Pakalniškienė

6. Balancing One’s Own Time Perspective from Aerial View: Metacognitive Processes in Temporal Framing
Maciej Stolarski, Joanna Witowska

7. Hugging the Past: The Way We Were and the Way We Are
Aleksandra Kostić, Marija Pejičić, Derek Chadee

8. Qualitative and Quantitative Trends in the Assessment of Subjective Temporality
Victor E. C. Ortuño, Maria Paula Paixão, Isabel Nunes Janeiro

9. Time Perspective and Cannabis Use: Why and How It Is More Complex Than We Think
Nicolas Fieulaine

10. Use of TIME: Time Perspective Intervention of Motivation Enhancement
Thea Peetsma, Ineke Veen, Jaap Schuitema

11. Temporal Focus in Psychotherapy: Clinical Tales of Past, Present, and Future
Elena Kazakina, Wessel Beek

12. Extending Future Time Perspective Theory through Episodic Future Thinking Research: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Thinking About the Future
Jenefer Husman, Jonathan C. Hilpert

13. The Influences of Time Perspectives on Academic Procrastination
Jasmina Nedeljković

14. Putting Time into Time Perspective
Blaze Aylmer

15. Future Orientation and Psychological Well-Being in Adolescence: Two Multiple-Step Models
Rachel Seginer

16. Who Was the Child Before It Was Born? Prenatal Time Perspective
Wessel Beek

Keywords: Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, History of Psychology, Psychosocial Studies

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