Pręgowski, Michał Piotr

Companion Animals in Everyday Life

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michał Piotr Preȩgowski

Part I. Conceptualizing Our Relationships with Animals

2. Companion Animals and Nuisance Species: Adventures in the Exotic, the Wild, the Illegal, and Cross-Cultural Comfort Zones
Sara Waller

3. Anthrozoology in the Netherlands: Connecting Science and Practice
Jannes Eshuis, Marie-José Enders-Slegers, Theo Verheggen

4. Bringing the Beast Back In: The Rehabilitation of Pet Keeping in Soviet Russia
Amy Nelson

Part II. Taking the Plunge: Adopting a Companion Animal, Traditional and Otherwise

5. Perceptions of Personality: How What We See Influences Our Perceptions About and Behavior Toward Companion Animals
Miranda K. Workman

6. “A Cat-Sized Hole in My Heart”: Public Perceptions of Companion Animal Adoption in the USA
Jennifer Sinski

7. Rabbits Multiplying Like Rabbits: The Rise in the Worldwide Popularity of Rabbits as Pets
Margo DeMello

Part III. To Eat or to Love?

8. An Appetite for Dogs: Consuming and Loving Them in Vietnam
Anthony L. Podberscek

9. Human–Canine Relationships in China
Scott Hurley

10. Attitudes to Dogs in Taiwan: A Case Study
James A. Serpell, Yuying Hsu

Part IV. Companion Animals as Political Fallout

11. Semi-Stray Dogs and Graduated Humanness: The Political Encounters of Dogs and Humans in Mexico
Iván Sandoval-Cervantes

12. Polarized Opinions and Shared Goals: Feral Cat Management in an Academic Community in Kentucky
Rosanne Lorden

13. Strong Bonds: Companion Animals in Post-Tsunami Japan
Ross Mouer, Hazuki Kajiwara

Part V. The Difference Language Makes

14. “I Am a Dog”: Orhan Pamuk and the Mongrelization of Fiction
Jeanne Dubino

15. Human Names as Companion Animal Names in Poland
Michał Piotr Preȩgowski

16. Awareness Can Change a Society: The Link Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence in the Netherlands
Marie-José Enders-Slegers, Theo Verheggen, Jannes Eshuis

Part VI. Companion Animals and Leisure

17. Chats, Cats and a Cup of Tea: A Sociological Analysis of the Neko Café Phenomenon in Japan
Noriko Niijima

18. Canine Disc: America’s Best Export Product to Poland
Justyna Włodarczyk

Keywords: Social Sciences, Anthropology

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