Petrakis, Panagiotis E.

A New Growth Model for the Greek Economy

Petrakis, Panagiotis E. - A New Growth Model for the Greek Economy, ebook


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Table of contents

1. On the Greek Growth Model: A Collective Contribution
Panagiotis E. Petrakis

Part I. Greece and the European Union

2. The EU and the Eurozone
Harold James

3. The Greek Growth Decoupling
Pantelis C. Kostis, Kyriaki I. Kafka, Dionysis G. Valsamis

Part II. On the Greek Growth Model

4. Is Greece Destined to Grow?
Ζsolt Darvas

5. Lessons for Europe from the Greek Crisis
Paolo Manasse

6. Developing Growth Potential for the Greek Economy
Michael Haliassos

7. Requirements for a New Business Model in Greece
Klaus Schrader, David Benček, Claus-Friedrich Laaser

8. Is There an Easy Way Out? Redenomination Issues and Their Financial Consequences in Case of a Greek Exit from the Eurozone
David Amiel, Paul-Adrien Hyppolite

9. Extroversion Within a New Economic Paradigm
Grigoris Zarotiadis, Eirini Ozouni

Part III. Structural Changes and Labor Markets

10. Qualifying and Quantifying the Greek Structural Reform Efforts
Alessio Terzi

11. Innovation or ‘More of the Same’: A Crucial Choice for the Greek Society
Alexander Kritikos

12. Demographic Challenges Facing Long-Term Growth in Greece
Edward Hugh

13. Rearranging Social Security Contributions: Alleviating the Burden of the State and Returning Value to the State and Society
Thomas Poufinas, Effrosyni Kouskouna

14. Okun’s Law in Greece in the Post-Crisis Era: An Empirical Study
Christos Katris

15. The Influence of Flexible Working on Unemployment: Evidence from the Greek Labor Market
Kostas Karamanis, Alina Hyz

16. Jobs Not Growth: An Alternative Path for Development
Randall Wray

Part IV. Macroeconomic Evolution and Export Performance

17. The Determinants of Economic Fluctuations in Greece: An Empirical Investigation (1995–2014)
Konstantinos Konstantakis, Panayotis Michaelides, Efthymios Tsionas

18. Fiscal Multipliers and Growth in the Greek Economy: An Assessment of the Recent Fiscal Adjustment Program
Sotiris K. Papaioannou

19. The Impact of Sovereign Debt Ratings and Financial Performance on Bank Ratings
Evaggelos Drimpetas, Themistokles Lazarides

20. What Drives Greek Exports Performance? A Macrolevel Analysis
George Geronikolaou, Eleftherios Spyromitros, Panagiotis Tsintzos

Keywords: Economics, Economic Growth, Economic Policy, International Economics, Economy-wide Country Studies

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