Barbour, Rosaline S.

A New Era in Focus Group Research

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Table of contents

1. Setting the Scene for a New Era of Focus Group Research
Rosaline S. Barbour

Section I. Using Focus Groups in New Settings

2. Outsiders on the Inside: Focus Group Research with Elite Youth Footballers
Chris Platts, Andy Smith

3. Reflections on Outsourcing and Applying for Funding
Laurence Kohn, Wendy Christiaens

4. Cross-Cultural Focus Group Discussions
Monique M. Hennink

5. Exploring Sex, HIV and ‘Sensitive’ Space(s) Among Sexual and Gender Minority Young Adults in Thailand
Peter A. Newman, Suchon Tepjan, Clara Rubincam

Section II. Capitalizing on Focus Groups in Mixed Methods Contexts

6. Use of Focus Groups in Developing Behavioural mHealth Interventions: A Critical Review
Helen Eborall, Katie Morton

7. The Use of Focus Groups in Programme Evaluation: Experience Based on the Project P.A.T.H.S. in a Chinese Context
Daniel T. L. Shek

8. Focus Groups in Triangulation Contexts
Sabine Caillaud, Uwe Flick

9. Hybrid Focus Groups as a Means to Investigate Practical Reasoning, Learning Processes and Indigenous Activities
Ana Prades, Josep Espluga, Tom Horlick-Jones

Section III. Innovations in Focus Group Facilitation

10. The Use of Video Recording in Longitudinal Focus Group Research
Claire Thompson, Daniel J Lewis, Stephanie J C Taylor

11. Best Practices for Synchronous Online Focus Groups
Bojana Lobe

12. Performance-Based Focus Groups
Jennifer Wooten

13. Collective Production of Discourse: An Approach Based on the Qualitative School of Madrid
Jorge Ruiz Ruiz

Section IV. Theoretical Developments

14. A Kaleidoscope of Voices: Using Focus Groups in a Study of Rural Adolescent Girls
Erin E. Seaton

15. Bringing Socio-Narratology and Visual Methods to Focus Group Research
Cassandra Phoenix, Noreen Orr, Meridith Griffin

16. Focus Groups as Anticipatory Methodology: A Contribution from Science and Technology Studies Towards Socially Resilient Governance
Phil Macnaghten

17. Using Focus Groups to Study the Process of (de)Politicization
Sophie Duchesne

18. Practice Theoretically Inspired Focus Groups: Socially Recognizable Performativity?
Bente Halkier

19. Conclusions: A Call for Further Innovations in Focus Groups
David L. Morgan

Keywords: Social Sciences, Research Methodology, Demography, Social Structure, Social Inequality

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