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The Palgrave Handbook of Masculinity and Political Culture in Europe

Brady, Sean - The Palgrave Handbook of Masculinity and Political Culture in Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Masculinity and Politik

Christopher Fletcher

2. Power, Authority and Phallic Representations in Ancient Roman Society
Cyril Dumas

3. Between Bishops and Barbarians: The Rulers of the Later Roman Empire
Mathew Kuefler

4. The Rise and Fall of the High Chamberlain Eutropius: Eunuch Identity, the Third Sex and Power in Fourth-Century Byzantium
Georges Sidéris

5. Virile Women and Effeminate Men: Gendered Judgements and the Exercise of Power in the Ottonian Empire c. 1000 ce

Laurence Leleu

6. Creating Kin, Extending Authority: Blood-Brotherhood and Power in Medieval Iceland
Pragya Vohra

7. Beyond Celibacy: Medieval Bishops, Power and Masculinity in the Middle Ages
Matthew M. Mesley

8. Masculinity and Political Struggle in the Cities of the Crown of Castile at the End of the Middle Ages
Hipólito Rafael Oliva Herrer

9. ‘By this My Beard Which Hangs From My Face’: The Masculinity of the French Princes in the Armagnac-Burgundian Civil War
Hugo Dufour

10. Monarchy and Masculinity in Early Modern England
Susan Doran

11. Manhood and the English Revolution
Ann Hughes

12. A Man’s Sphere? British Politics in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Matthew McCormack

13. ‘I Tremble Lest My Powers of Thought are not What They Ought to be’: Reputation and the Masculine Anxieties of an Eighteenth-Century Statesman
Henry French

14. Antonio Canova’s Statue of King Ferdinand IV and the Gendering of Neapolitan Sovereignty
Allison Goudie

15. Psychological Androgyny, Romanticism and the Radical Challenge to Hegemonic Masculinity in England, 1790–1840
Victoria Russell

16. The Dominant and the Dominated. Power Relations and Intimate Authorities in the Personal Diary of the Jurist Eugène Wilhelm (1885–1951)
Régis Schlagdenhauffen

17. Eminently Queer Victorians and the Bloomsbury Group’s Critique of British Leadership
Dominic Janes

18. Masculinity, Political Culture, and the Rise of Nazism
Christopher Dillon

19. Masculinities and Parliamentary Culture in Modern Britain
Ben Griffin

20. From Mussolini to Berlusconi: Masculinity and Political Leadership in Post-war Italy
Stephen Gundle

Keywords: History, Social History, European History, Cultural History, Political History, Politics and Gender

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