Smith, Peter Scharff

Scandinavian Penal History, Culture and Prison Practice

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction: Punishment, Welfare and Prison History in Scandinavia
Peter Scharff Smith, Thomas Ugelvik

Part II. The Developmentof Scandinavian Prison Practice

2. “First We Build the Factory, Then We Add the Institution”: Prison, Work and Welfare State in Sweden c.1930–1970
Roddy Nilsson

3. Prisons of Labor: Social Democracy and the Triple Transformation of the Politics of Punishment in Norway, 1900–2014
Victor L. Shammas

4. The Rise of the Open Prisons and the Breakthrough of the Principle of Normalisation from the 1930s Until Today
Peter Fransen

5. A Culture of Intervention—Vagrancy and Drug Treatment in Sweden from the Late 19th Century Until Today
Robert Andersson

Part III. The Scandinavian Model: From Remand to Release

6. Punishment Without Conviction? Scandinavian Pre-trial Practices and the Power of the “Benevolent” State
Peter Scharff Smith

7. Guarding, Guiding, Gate Opening: Prison Officer Work in a Norwegian Welfare Context
Terje Emil Fredwall

8. Treating Drug Abusers in Prison: Competing Paradigms Anchored in Different Welfare Ideologies. The Case of Sweden
Anders Bruhn, Odd Lindberg, Per Åke Nylander

9. Is Prison Drug Treatment a Welfare Service?
Torsten Kolind

10. The Development of Education in Norwegian Prisons
Torfinn Langelid

11. Exceptional Procedures? Offenders’ Experiences of Justice in Re-entry Work
Ingrid Rindal Lundeberg

12. Released to the “Battlefield” of the Danish Welfare State: A Battle Between Support and Personal Responsibility
Annette Olesen

13. Scandinavian Acceptionalism? Developments in Community Sanctions in Norway
Gerhard Ploeg

Part IV. The Principle of Normalisation—Theory and Practice

14. Normalisation in Nordic Prisons—From a Prison Governor’s Perspective
Hans Jørgen Engbo

15. Prison Food in Denmark: Normal Responsibility or Ethnocentric Imaginations?
Linda Kjær Minke, Amy B. Smoyer

16. Being a Woman in Mixed-Gender Prisons
Charlotte Mathiassen

17. The Limits of the Welfare State? Foreign National Prisoners in the Norwegian Crimmigration Prison
Thomas Ugelvik

Part V. A View from the Outside—Scandinavian Penal Practice Under Foreign Scrutiny

18. In Search of Norwegian Penal Exceptionalism: A Prison Tourist’s Perspective
Tom Vander Beken

19. The View from Elsewhere: Scandinavian Penal Practices and International Critique
Malcolm Langford, Aled Dilwyn Fisher, Johan Karlsson Schaffer, Frida Pareus

20. Negotiating Imperfect Humanity in the Danish Penal System
Keramet Reiter, Lori Sexton, Jennifer Sumner

Part VI. Conclusion

21. Punishment and Welfare in Scandinavia
Peter Scharff Smith, Thomas Ugelvik

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Prison and Punishment, Politics of the Welfare State, Crime and Society, Policing, Critical Criminology

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Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology
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