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Neo-Liberalism and Austerity

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Table of contents

1. Is Neo-Liberal Capitalism Eating Itself or Its Young?
Peter Kelly, Jo Pike

2. 1 Young People’s Marginalisation: Unsettling What Agency and Structure Mean After Neo-Liberalism
Peter Kelly

3. 2 ‘Wear a Necklace of h(r)ope Side by Side with Me’: Young People’s Neo-Liberal Futures and Popular Culture as Political Action
Luke Howie, Perri Campbell

4. 3 Youth, Health and Morality: Body Work and Health Assemblages
Julia Coffey

5. 4 Get on Your Feet, Get Happy: Happiness and the Affective Governing of Young People in the Age of Austerity
Deirdre Duffy

Part I. After Neo-Liberalism? Re-thinking Choices, Responsibilities and Young People’s Futures

6. 5 Treading Water? The Roles and Possibilities of ‘Adversity Capital’ in Preparing Young People for Precarity
Lucas Walsh

7. 6 Young People of the ‘Austere Period’: Mechanisms and Effects of Inequality over Time in Portugal
Magda Nico, Nuno Almeida Alves

8. 7 Childhood and Juvenile Obesity in Italy: Health Promotion in an Era of Austerity
Giuseppina Cersosimo, Maurizio Merico

9. 8 Negotiating the Interface: The Complexities of Exercising Road Safety ‘Responsibility and Choice’ on Melbourne’s Fringe
Kerry Montero

10. 9 Shame, Disgust and the Moral Economies of Young Women’s Sexual Health in the North of England
Louise Laverty

11. 10 We Need Child Poverty! Making Sense of Public Attitudes to Poverty in the Age of Austerity
John McKendrick

Part II. Young People, Austerity and the Moral Geographies of Disadvantage

12. 11 Morality, Austerity and the Complexities of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Young People in South Africa
Kelley Moult, Alexandra Müller

13. 12 Pre-assembling Our Young: Points of Movement in Post-Austerity Ireland
Annelies Kamp

14. 13 Austerity and the ‘Workfare State’: The Remaking and Reconfiguration of Citizenship for the Young Unemployed in the Great Recession
Alan France

15. 14 Bush Kinder: Thinking Differently About Privileged Spaces Through/With/In Children’s Geographies
Barbara Chancellor, Marg Sellers

16. 15 From Health to Hard Times: Fairness and Entitlement in Free School Meals After Neo-Liberalism

Jo Pike

17. 16 ‘Generation in Waiting’ or ‘Precarious Generation’? Conceptual Reflections on the Biographical Trajectories of Unemployed Graduates Activists in Morocco
Christoph H. Schwarz

18. Erratum To: Neo-Liberalism and Austerity
Peter Kelly, Jo Pike

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Theory, Child Well-being, Children, Youth and Family Policy, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology

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