Bajohr, Frank

The Holocaust and European Societies

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Beyond the ‘Bystander’: Social Processes and Social Dynamics in European Societies as Context for the Holocaust
Frank Bajohr, Andrea Löw

Part II. Jews in the German Reich After 1933

2. Fading Friendships and the ‘Decent German’. Reflecting, Explaining and Enduring Estrangement in Nazi Germany, 1933–1938
Anna Ullrich

3. Living in an Abnormal Normality. The Everyday Relations of Jews and Non-Jews in the German-Dutch Border Region, 1933–1938
Froukje Demant

4. Economic Trust in the ‘Racial State’. A Case Study from the German Countryside
Stefanie Fischer

5. ‘Life in Illegality Cost an Extortionate Amount of Money.’ Ordinary Germans and German Jews Hiding from Deportation
Susanna Schrafstetter

Part III. Case Studies from Eastern, South- Eastern and Central Europe

6. Collaborators, Bystanders or Rescuers? The Role of Local Citizens in the Holocaust in Nazi-Occupied Belarus
Olga Baranova

7. Nationalizing the Holocaust. ‘Foreign’ Jews and the Making of Indifference in Macedonia Under Bulgarian Occupation
Nadège Ragaru

8. Genocide in Times of Civil War. Popular Attitudes Towards Ustaša Mass Violence, Croatia 1941–1945
Alexander Korb

9. The Pazifizierungsaktion as a Catalyst of Anti-Jewish Violence. A Study in the Social Dynamics of Fear
Tomasz Frydel

10. Slovak Society and the Jews. Attitudes and Patterns of Behaviour
Barbara Hutzelmann

Part IV. Jewish Leadership and Jewish Councils

11. Leadership in the Jewish Councils as a Social Process. The Example of Cracow
Andrea Löw, Agnieszka Zajączkowska-Drożdż

12. The Role of the Jewish Council During the Occupation of the Netherlands
Katja Happe

13. Negotiating and Compromising. Jewish Leaders’ Scope of Action in Tunis During Nazi Rule (November 1942–May 1943)
Sophie Friedl

Part V. Relations Between Jews and Non-Jews at a Local/Regional Level

14. Neighbours in Borysław. Jewish Perceptions of Collaboration and Rescue in Eastern Galicia
Natalia Aleksiun

15. Beyond the Bystander. Relations Between Jews and Gentile Poles in the General Government
Agnieszka Wierzcholska

16. The Transformation of Jewish–Non-Jewish Social Relations in a Gendarmerie District of Hungary, 1938–1944
Izabella Sulyok

Part VI. The Aftermath. Post-War Returnees

17. Returning Home After the Holocaust. Jewish–Gentile Encounters in the Soviet Borderland
Diana Dumitru

18. The ‘Aryanization’ of Jewish Property in Amsterdam and Its Consequences After World War II
Hinke Piersma, Jeroen Kemperman

Keywords: History, History of World War II and the Holocaust, History of Germany and Central Europe, Religion and Society, Modern History

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The Holocaust and its Contexts
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