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Delaying Retirement

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Table of contents

1. Retirement Transitions in Times of Institutional Change: Theoretical Concept
Dirk Hofäcker, Jonas Radl

2. Trends and Determinants of Retirement Transition in Europe, the USA and Japan: A Comparative Overview
Stefanie König, Moritz Hess, Dirk Hofäcker

3. Determinants of Retirement and Late Careers in Estonia
Marge Unt, Ellu Saar

4. Path Dependency Versus New Determinants of Retirement in the Czech Republic
Lucie Vidovićová

5. Retirement in a Context of Strong Institutional Uncertainty and Territorial Diversities: The Case of Italy
Sonia Bertolini, Nicola Luigi, Barbara Giullari, Valentina Goglio, Roberto Rizza, Federica Santangelo

6. Ebb and Flow of Early Retirement: Pension Reform and Labor Market Participation of Older Workers in Spain
Elisa Chuliá, Luis Garrido, Jonas Radl

7. Germany: A Successful Reversal of Early Retirement?
Moritz Hess

8. From Early Exit to Postponing Pension: How the Dutch Polder Model Shapes Retirement
Maria Fleischmann, Ferry Koster

9. Retirement Determinants in Austria: An Aging Society but a Hesitant Policymaker!?
Lisa Schmidthuber, Heike Schröder, Edmund Panzenböck

10. Employment and Retirement of Older Workers in the UK
Matt Flynn, Yuxin Li

11. Japan: Determinants of Retirement in a Hyper-Aged Society
Masa Higo, Heike Schröder, Atsuhiro Yamada

12. The Gendered and Liberal Retirement Regime in Switzerland
Ignacio Madero-Cabib

13. The Outdistanced Vanguard: Early Retirement Policy in Denmark as an Obstacle to Progress in Active Aging
Stefanie König, Julia Schilling

14. Sweden: Steeply Rising Older Workers’ Employment Rates in a Late-Exit Country
Stefanie König, Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist

15. The Increasing Heterogeneity of Retirement in the USA: Interactions Between State, Firm, and Individual Determinants of Later-Life Labor Force Withdrawal
David F. Warner

16. Retirement Transitions Under Changing Institutional Conditions: Towards Increasing Inequalities? Comparing Evidence from 13 Countries
Moritz Hess, Stefanie König, Dirk Hofäcker

Keywords: Social Sciences, Aging, Sociology of Work, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Social Policy, Social Policy, Social Choice/Welfare Economics/Public Choice

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