Andresen, Knud

A European Youth Revolt

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Last Insurrection? Youth, Revolts and Social Movements in the 1980s
Knud Andresen, Bart Steen

Part I. Concepts and Debates

2. Unrest or Social Movement? Some Conceptual Clarifications
Sebastian Haunss

Part II. Squatters and Autonomist Movements

3. Vienna in March 1981: A ‘Puzzling Demonstration’ and Its Consequences
Robert Foltin

4. Amsterdam Squatters on the Road: A Case Study in Territorial and Relational Urban Politics
Linus Owens

5. Beyond the Metropolises: Youth Centre Initiatives in the ‘Youth Revolt’ of 1980–81 in West Germany
David Templin

6. Revolt or Transgression? Squatted Houses and Meeting Places of the Heroin Scene in Zurich and Berlin as Spaces of Transgressive Youth
Jan-Henrik Friedrichs

Part III. Transforming Radical Movements

7. Why Did It Not Happen Here? The Gradual Radicalization of the Anarchist Movement in Sweden 1980–90
Jan Jämte, Adrienne Sörbom

8. Not Only Riflusso: The Repression and Transformation of Radical Movements in Italy between 1978 and 1985
Pierpaolo Mudu, Gianni Piazza

9. Beyond Desencanto: The Slow Emergence of New Social Youth Movements in Spain During the Early 1980s
Enrique Tudela, Claudio Cattaneo

Part IV. New Social Movements and Youth Protest

10. The Nuclear Freeze Generation: The Early 1980s Anti-nuclear Movement between ‘Carter’s Vietnam’ and ‘Euroshima’
Dario Fazzi

11. The European ‘Disability Revolts’ of 1981: How Were They Related to the Youth Movement?
Monika Baár

12. Between Political Failure and Cultural Identity: The Emergence of the ‘Beur Movement’ in France in the 1980s
Didier Chabanet

Part V. Punk and Protest

13. A Place Called Johnny Rotten Square: The Ljubljana Punk Scene and the Subversion of Socialist Yugoslavia
Oskar Mulej

14. Punk against Communism: The Jarocin Rock Festival and Revolting Youth in 1980s Poland
Grzegorz Piotrowski

15. Riotous Assembly: British Punk’s Cultural Diaspora in the Summer of ’81
Matthew Worley

Part VI. Expert Debates

16. Apathy, Subversion, and the Network Sublime: Envisioning Youth Unrest in West Germany, 1980–87
Jake P. Smith

17. Defining Political Dissidence: The Swiss Debate on the Riots of 1980–81
Jan Hansen

18. From ‘Bloody Brixton’ to ‘Burning Britain’: Placing the Riots of 1981 in British Post-Imperial History
Almuth Ebke

Keywords: Social Sciences, Childhood, Adolescence and Society, Social History, Political History, European History, Sociology of Culture, Modern History

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Palgrave Studies in the History of Social Movements
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