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Human Dignity

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Table of contents

Part I. Special Problems

1. Dignity Online and Offline
Joy Liddicoat

2. Human Dignity in a World with a Changing Climate
Vanessa C.S.P.A. da Costa, Ricardo A.C. de Miranda

3. Dignity and Disability
Sylvia Bell

4. Globalization and Human Rights
Alok Kumar Meena

5. Dignity and the Fourth Age
Isabella Paoletti

6. Dignity Before the European Court of Human Rights
Alexander Kuteynikov, Anatoly Boyashov

Part II. Women and Children Issues

7. The Fragility of Children’s Rights in Policies Regarding Poverty
Cynthia Lisa Jeans

8. Practices of Dignity and Respect: Children of Immigrants and Justness
Paola Rebughini

9. Dignity and Children’s Rights
Brian K. Gran

10. Dignity and Human Trafficking Policy in Vietnam: Deconstructing Gender
Kim Anh Duong, Rachel Simon-Kumar

11. Re-envisioning the Dignity of Women’s Work
Judy McGregor

12. The Indignities of a Women’s Prison
Edward Sieh

13. Women’s Local Social Movements
Anis Farida

Part III. Indigenous and Migrant Issues

14. From “Polymorphism of Violence” to the Complexities of Peace: Towards an Integral Dignity in Colombia
Andrés Argüello Parra, Priscyll Anctil Avoine

15. Tijuana: Walls and Borderlines
Bernardo Saldaña

16. Human Dignity and the Right to Adequate Housing in the Global Mega-Events Era: A Discussion from the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro
Sérgio H. Rocha Franco

17. Indigenous Rights: How Can They Be Respected? Indigenous Youth—The Vulnerable
Maria Beldi Alcantara

18. Native American Injustice and the Mathematics of Blood Quantum
Esther M. Pearson

19. Repression of Montagnards: Seeking Respect and Dignity
Edward Sieh

20. Leaving in Droves from the Orange Groves: The Nepali-Bhutanese Refugee Experience and the Diminishing of Dignity
Susan Banki, Nicole Phillips

21. Human Rights, Transnational Migrations and the Changing Role of Citizenship
Maria Rita Bartolomei

22. Dignity and the Invisible Spaces of Irregular Migration: Rendering Asylum Seekers Invisible Through Off-Shore Detention
Claudia Tazreiter

Keywords: Social Sciences, Medical Sociology, Development and Health, Health Informatics, Popular Science in Medicine and Health, Health Care Management

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