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The Palgrave International Handbook on Adult and Lifelong Education and Learning

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to the Handbook
Marcella Milana, Sue Webb, John Holford, Richard Waller, Peter Jarvis

Part I. Thinking and Rethinking the Field

2. Contemporary Adult and Lifelong Education and Learning: An Epistemological Analysis
Richard G. Bagnall, Steven Hodge

3. Exercising Clarity with Transformative Learning Theory
Chad Hoggan

4. Critical Adult Education Theory: Traditions and Influence
Stephen Brookfield

5. From Radical Adult Education to Social Movement Learning
John D. Holst

6. Adult Learning and Communicative Rationality
Palle Rasmussen

7. Adult Education and the ‘Learning’ Turn
Terri Seddon

8. Limit Situations. Adult Education and Critical Awareness Raising
Danny Wildemeersch

9. Revisiting Paulo Freire: Adult Education for Emancipation
Emilio Lucio-Villegas

10. Learning and Experience: A Psycho-Societal Approach
Henning Salling Olesen

11. Complexity, Adult Biographies and Co-operative Transformation
Laura Formenti

12. Economics and the Political Economy of Adult Education
Richard Desjardins

13. The Critical Turn in Human Resources Development
Tonette S. Rocco, Sunny L. Munn, Joshua C. Collins

14. Learning and Identity Development at Work
Alan Brown, Jenny Bimrose

15. Lifelong Learning as an Emancipation Process: A Capability Approach
Pepka Boyadjieva, Petya Ilieva-Trichkova

16. Knowledge Production as Organisational Learning: The Case of Danish Universities
Bente Elkjaer

Part II. Scale and Movement

17. Assembling Literacy as Global: The Danger of a Single Story
Camilla Addey

18. Conceptualizing Participation in Adult Learning and Education: Equity Issues
Kjell Rubenson

19. Participation in Adult Literacy Programmes and Social Injustices
Lyn Tett

20. Lifelong Learning Policy Discourses of International Organisations Since 2000: A Kaleidoscope or Merely Fragments?
Moosung Lee, Shazia K. Jan

21. Transformative Sustainability Education: From Sustainababble to a Civilization Leap
Elizabeth A. Lange

22. Research Patterns in Comparative and Global Policy Studies on Adult Education
Marcella Milana

23. Latin America: Adult and Popular Education in Dialogue
Danilo R. Streck, Cheron Zanini Moretti

24. Europe: Comparing Lifelong Learning Systems
Éric Verdier

25. The Mediterranean: Adult Education Landmarks
Peter Mayo

26. The Southern African Development Community: Challenges and Prospects in Lifelong Learning
Idowu Biao, Tonic Maruatona

27. Argentina: The Debate Between Lifelong and Popular Education in Adult Education
Lidia Mercedes Rodríguez

28. Ghana: The Life and Death of Adult Education and Implications for Current Policy
Michael A. Tagoe

29. Palestine: Philosophical and Methodological Dilemmas for Adult Education
Rabab Tamish

30. China: Adult Education and Learning from Mao to Now
Roger Boshier

31. Singapore: Trends and Directions in Lifelong Learning
Prem Kumar

32. Timor-Leste: Adult Literacy, Popular Education and Post-conflict Peacebuilding
Bob Boughton

33. Transnational Migration, Everyday Pedagogies and Cultural Destabilization
Linda Morrice

34. Researching Transnational Migration and Lifelong Learning
Shibao Guo

35. Reconfiguring the Learning Space: Skilled Immigrants in Canada
Hongxia Shan

36. Non-permanent Workers and Their Learning in a Developmental State
Sahara Sadik

37. The Global Spread of the Nordic Folk High School Idea
Henrik Nordvall

Part III. Contexts, People and Practices

38. Adult Education Learned Societies: Professionalism and Publications
Sue Webb

39. Adult Education Research: Publication Strategies and Collegial Recognition
Andreas Fejes, Erik Nylander

40. Popular Universities: Their Hidden Functions and Contributions
Nelly P. Stromquist, Guillermo Lozano

41. The Ideals and Practices of Citizenship in Nordic Study Circles
Annika Pastuhov

42. South African University Engagement: Lifelong Learning and ‘Socially Robust’ Knowledge
Julia Preece

43. Learning in Later Adulthood: A Critical Perspective
Brian Findsen

44. Lifelong Learning for Older Adults: Culture and Confucianism
Maureen Tam

45. Disabilities and Adult and Lifelong Education
Jovita M. Ross-Gordon

46. Queering Transformative Learning: The Unfolding of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Ally Lives
Matthew A. Eichler, Racidon P. Bernarte

47. Technologies for Adult and Lifelong Education
Seng Chee Tan

48. The Mainstreaming of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Sarah Speight

49. Lifelong Learning for Africa’s Older Adults: The Role of Open Educational Resources and Indigenous Learning
Rebecca Nthogo Lekoko, Keitseope Nthomang

50. Popular Culture, Adult Learning, and Identity Development
Robin Redmon Wright

51. Popular Fictions as Critical Adult Education
Christine Jarvis

52. Creativity, the Arts, and Transformative Learning
Patricia Gouthro

Keywords: Education, Lifelong Learning/Adult Education, International and Comparative Education, Study and Learning Skills, Sociology of Education, Educational Philosophy, Sociology of Education

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