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The Palgrave Handbook of Global Arts Education

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Table of contents

1. Editors’ Introduction: The World Alliance for Arts Education: Forging Forward in and Through the Arts
Georgina Barton, Margaret Baguley

Part I. Contextualizing Arts Education Globally and Locally

2. Sustainable Arts Education in a Prosumer World
Susan Wright, Samuel Leong

3. Contextualizing Dance Education Globally and Locally
Ralph Buck, Jeff Meiners

4. Drama Education in the Global Context
Robin Pascoe, Lynn FC Yau

5. Music Education in the Global Context
Margaret Barrett, Heidi Westerlund

6. Visual Arts Education and the Challenges of the Millennium Goals
Teresa Torres Eça, Melody K. Milbrandt, Ryan Shin, Kevin Hsieh

Part II. Arts Education, Curriculum, Policy and Schooling

7. Arts Education and Pedagogy in the Learning Profile in Tanzania: Current Trends
Charles Enock Mulimba Ruyembe

8. Arts Education Across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea
Kay Hartwig, Stuart Wise, Naomi Faik-Simet

9. How to Practically Help Non-Specialist Teachers to Implement Various Ways to Better Integrate Art Education in Ordinary Classroom Practices: The French Program AlféArt, Between Research and Resource
Jean-Charles Chabanne, Martin Kerby, Laurence Espinassy, Alain Kerlan, Pascal Terrien

10. Looking at New Trends and Policies in Latin American Art Education
Belidson Dias, Irene Tourinho, Fernando Miranda, Olga Lucia Olaya Parra, Vanessá Freitag, Tatiana Fernández

11. Reflections on Contemporary Arts Education in Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia
Rose Martin, Samia El-Sheikh, Bilal Makled

12. Arts Education in Canada and the United States
Susan A. O’Neill, Patrick Schmidt

13. School Music Education in Hong Kong After Returning to China: Policy, Curriculum, and Teaching Practice
Bo-Wah Leung

Part III. Arts Education Across the Lifespan

14. Encouraging a Dynamic Relationship Between the Arts and Literacy
Georgina Barton, Robyn Ewing

15. Young Children and Early Childhood Arts Education: What Can We Learn from Current Research?
Susanne Garvis, Pernilla Lagerlöf

16. Creating Contemporary Asian Dance in Tertiary Dance Education: Research-Based Choreography at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Caren Carino

17. The Arts Contribution to the Process of ‘Coming into the World’
Janeke Wienk

18. Pedagogies of Adaptation: Teachers’ Reflections on Teaching Traditional Ugandan Dances in Urban Schools in Kampala, Uganda
Alfdaniels Mabingo

Part IV. Arts Education for Social Justice: Indigenous and Community Practice

19. Indigenous Participation in Arts Education: A Framework for Increasing Engagement and Learning Outcomes
Robert Barton

20. Applied Theatre as a Medium of Communal Communication: ‘Access to Justice’ Project in Kwale, Kenya
Kimingichi Wabende, Jeong Kyung Park

21. Transmitting Intangible Cultural Heritage Through Ethnomusicology Coursework: Cases from Sabah, Malaysia
Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan

22. (Mis)Representing Others: Ethical Dilemmas of Socially Engaged Art Practice
Kate Blackmore

23. Remembrance of Things Past: Historical Commemoration in an Educational Setting
Margaret Baguley, Martin Kerby

Part V. Health, Wellbeing and Arts Education

24. Wellbeing in Classroom Arts Collaborations
Janet McDonald, Arnold Aprill, Deborah Mills

25. Growing Wellbeing Through Community Participatory Arts: The Anishinaabek Cervical Cancer Screening Study (ACCSS)
Pauline Sameshima, Pamela Wakewich, Ingeborg Zehbe, Kyla Morriseau, Dayna Slingerland

26. Cello Lessons and Teargas: War, Peace and Music Education
Laura Hassler, Chris Nicholson

27. Understanding Caregiving and Alzheimer’s Disease Through the Arts
Ardra L. Cole

Part VI. Arts-Based and Research-Informed Arts Education

28. Arts-Based Research with Young Children Across Health and Education
Susanne Garvis

29. A/r/tography Around the World
Rita L. Irwin, Mª Jesús Agra Pardiñas, Daniel T. Barney, Jo Chiung Hua Chen, Belidson Dias, Shaya Golparian, Abbey MacDonald

30. Exploring a Creative Learning Process in Dance Education in Egypt
Krystel Khoury

31. Understanding the Creativity of Bricolage in Zoukei-Asobi
Keisuke Kirita

32. A Critical Review of the Postmodern Implosion of Fine Art and Popular Visual Culture in Art Classrooms
Paul Duncum

33. Connecting Conversations: Finding Ways Forward for Arts Educators
Madonna Stinson

Keywords: Education, Creativity and Arts Education

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