Brockenbrough, Edward

Critical Concepts in Queer Studies and Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Wayne J. Martino, Nelson M. Rodriguez, Jennifer C. Ingrey, Edward Brockenbrough

2. Affect
Alyssa D. Niccolini

3. Allies of Intersectionalities
Paulina Abustan, A. G. Rud

4. Bitter Knowledge
Thabo Msibi

5. Bullying
Gerald Walton

6. Coming Out
Gabrielle Richard

7. Containment
Chris Haywood, Máirtín Mac Ghaill

8. Critical Intimate Praxis
Marilyn Preston

9. Encounter Stories
Janna Jackson Kellinger, Danné E. Davis

10. Faculty Trainings
Barbara Jean A. Douglass

11. Families
Amy Shema

12. Friendship
David Lee Carlson, Joshua Cruz

13. Genderfication
Anne Harris, Stacy Holman Jones

14. Gender Policing
Elizabethe Payne, Melissa J. Smith

15. Heteroprofessionalism
Robert C. Mizzi

16. Heterotopia
Jennifer C. Ingrey

17. Interlocking Systems of Oppression
Anna Carastathis

18. Internal Safety
Bethy Leonardi, Elizabeth J. Meyer

19. Mathematical Inqueery
Kai Rands

20. Performance
Jennifer MacLatchy

21. Postgay
Alicia Lapointe

22. Privilege
Blas Radi, Moira Pérez

Promoviendo (Promoting)
Rigoberto Marquez

24. Public Pedagogy
Tina Gutierez-Schmich, Julia Heffernan

25. Queer Counterpublic Spatialities
Jón Ingvar Kjaran

26. Queer Literacy Framework
sj Miller

27. Queer Millennials
M. Sue Crowley

28. Queer of Color Critique
Edward Brockenbrough

29. Queer, Quare, and [Q]ulturally Sustaining
Jon M. Wargo

30. Queer Thrival
Adam J. Greteman

31. Queer Transgressive Cultural Capital
Summer M. Pennell

32. (Re)Fractioning Singularity
Erich N. Pitcher, Scotty M. Secrist, Trace P. Camacho

33. Religiosity
Tonya D. Callaghan

34. Resilience
Rob Cover

35. Safe Space
Christine Quinan

36. Scavenging as Queer Methodology
Jason P. Murphy, Catherine A. Lugg

37. The Transgender Imaginary
Wayne J. Martino

38. Third Spaces
Shenila S. Khoja-Moolji

39. Trans Generosity
Nelson M. Rodriguez

40. Trigger Warnings
Clare Forstie

41. Utopias
Beatrice Jane Vittoria Balfour

42. Versatility
James Sheldon

43. Visibility
Jerry Rosiek

44. Visual Methods
Louisa Allen

45. Youth
Lisa W. Loutzenheiser, Sam Stiegler

Keywords: Education, Gender and Education, International and Comparative Education, Sociology of Education, Gender and Sexuality

Publication year
Queer Studies and Education
Page amount
29 pages
Upbringing, Education
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