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The Palgrave Handbook of Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies

Curran, Tillie - The Palgrave Handbook of Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Part I

1. The Texting Project
Blair Manns, Sarah Manns

2. The Tree of Participation: Our Thoughts About Growing a Culture of Participation Between Young People, Parents and Health Team Staff
Jennifer McElwee, David Cox, Tony Cox, Rosemary Holland, Thomas Holland, Theresa Mason, Chloe Pearce, Caroline Sobey, Julie Bugler, Andy James, Beverley Pearce

3. “What Can I Say?”
Wendy Merchant, Jamie Merchant

4. The Heaviest Burdens and Life’s Most Intense Fulfilment: A Retrospective and Re-understanding of My Experiences with Childhood Liver Disease and Transplantation
Sophie Savage

5. My Sister, My World: From Second Mum to Nurse
Rebecca Whitehead

6. Being a Disabled Woman and Mum: My Journey from Childhood
Jo Skitteral

7. Going ‘Off Grid’: A Mother’s Account of Refusing Disability
Kim Davies

Part II. Part II

8. The Social Relational Model of Deaf Childhood in Action
Kristin Snoddon, Kathryn Underwood

9. ‘The Embodiment of Disabled Children and Young People’s Voices About Participating in Recreational Activities’: Shared Perspectives
Dawn Pickering

10. Making Space for the Embodied Participation of Young Disabled Children in a Children’s Centre in England
Heloise Maconochie

11. Interrogating the ‘Normal’ in the ‘Inclusive’ Early Childhood Classroom: Silence, Taboo and the ‘Elephant in the Room’
Karen Watson

12. The Kids Are Alright: They Have Been Included for Years
Ben Whitburn

13. Expressive Eyebrows and Beautiful Bubbles: Playfulness and Children with Profound Impairments
Debby Watson, Alison Jones, Helen Potter

14. My Friends and Me: Friendship and Identity Following Acquired Brain Injury in Young People
Sandra Dowling, Roy McConkey, Marlene Sinclair

15. Thinking and Doing Consent and Advocacy in Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies Research
Jill Pluquailec

Part III. Part III

16. The ‘Disability Commons’: Re-thinking Mothering Through Disability
Katherine Runswick-Cole, Dan Goodley

17. Intersectionality Theory in Research with the Fathers of Children with the Label of Autism
Joanne Heeney

18. The Construction of Life Trajectories: Reflections, Research and Resolutions for Young People with Behavioural Disabilities
Tania Watson

19. Personalisation Policy and Parents: The Formalisation of Family Care for Adult Children with Learning Disabilities in England
Barbara Coles

Part IV. Part IV

20. Anonymity, Confidentiality and Informed Consent: Exploring Ethical Quandaries and Dilemmas in Research with and About Disabled Children’s Childhoods
Liz Thackray

21. Supporting Families in Raising Disabled Children to Enhance African Child Development
Judith McKenzie, Tsitsi Chataika

22. Normalcy, Intersectionality and Ableism: Teaching About and Around ‘Inclusion’ to Future Educators
Jen Slater, Elizabeth L. Chapman (Liz)

23. “Just Sumaira: Not Her, Them or It”
Sumaira Khalid Naseem

Part V. Part V

24. What’s Wrong with ‘Special’? Thinking Differently in New Zealand Teacher Education About Disabled Children and Their Lives
Gill Rutherford, Jude MacArthur

25. A Diversity of Childhoods: Considering the Looked After Childhood
Luke Jones, Kirsty Liddiard

26. A Relational Understanding of Language Impairment: Children’s Experiences in the Context of Their Social Worlds
Helen Hambly

27. Resilience in the Lives of Disabled Children: A Many Splendoured Thing
Katherine Runswick-Cole, Dan Goodley, Rebecca Lawthom

28. Growing Up Disabled: Impairment, Familial Relationships and Identity
Brian Watermeyer

29. Autistic Development, Trauma and Personhood: Beyond the Frame of the Neoliberal Individual
Damian Milton

Part VI. Part VI

30. Making Policy for Whom? The Significance of the ‘Psychoanalytic Medical Humanities’ for Policy and Practice That Affects the Lives of Disabled Children
Harriet Cooper

31. Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies and Leadership as Experts by Experience’ Leadership: Learning Activism in Health and Social Care Education
Tillie Curran, Ruth Sayers, Barry Percy-Smith

32. Being a Speech and Language Therapist

: Between Support and Oppression
Anat Greenstein

33. “You Say… I Hear…”: Epistemic Gaps in Practitioner-Parent/Carer Talk
Nick Hodge, Katherine Runswick-Cole

34. Disabled Children in Out-of-Home Care: Issues and Challenges for Practice
Berni Kelly, Sandra Dowling, Karen Winter

35. Easy Targets: Seen and Not Heard—The Silencing and Invisibility of Disabled Children and Parents in Post-Reform Aotearoa New Zealand
Rod Wills

36. Family Voices in Teacher Education
Peggy Gallagher, Cheryl Rhodes, Karen Young Lewis

37. Rights Not Needs: Changing the Legal Model for Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Debbie Sayers

Keywords: Social Sciences, Disability Studies, Childhood, Adolescence and Society, Sociology of Family, Youth and Aging

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