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Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure and Business Development

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. The Public-Private Partnerships’ Framework

1. The Public-Private Partnerships’ Framework
Veronica Vecchi, Stefano Caselli, Guido Corbetta

Part I. Private Capital for Infrastructure

2. What Drives Private Participation in Infrastructure Developing Countries?
Marian Moszoro, Gonzalo Araya, Fernanda Ruiz-Nuñez, Jordan Schwartz

3. Public Investment as a Driver of Economic Development and Growth: What Is the Appropriate Role of Public-Private Partnerships?
Mark Hellowell

4. Preparing and Structuring Bankable PPP Projects
Christoph Rothballer, Philipp Gerbert

5. International Trends in Infrastructure Finance
Raffaele Della Croce, Stefano Gatti

6. Attracting Private Investors: The EU Project Bond Initiative and the Case of A11 Motorway
Veronica Vecchi, Francesca Casalini, Stefano Gatti

7. Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation: Infrastructure Development in the United States
Rick Geddes, J. H. Foote

8. PPP in the Airport Infrastructure: A Case Analysis from an International Perspective
Alessandro Fusellato, Fulvio Lino Blasio

9. Public-Private Partnerships for Energy Infrastructure: A Focus on the MENA Region
Isabella Alloisio, Carlo Carraro

10. The Role of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Scaling Up Financial Flows in the Post-Kyoto Regime
Giulia Galluccio

Part II. Public Initiatives for Business Development

11. Access to Finance for SMEs and Entrepreneurs: Trends and Policies in OECD Countries
Sergio Arzeni, Lucia Cusmano, Virginia Robano

12. SMEs’ Access to Credit: Are Government Measures Helpful for Constrained Firms?
Annalisa Ferrando, Monica Rossolini

13. Government Intervention in the Venture Capital Market
Douglas Cumming, Sofia Johan

14. Key Ingredients for an Efficient and Effective Public-Private Equity Fund
Fabio Sattin

15. Impact Investing: A New Asset Class or a Societal Refocus of Venture Capital?
Veronica Vecchi, Francesca Casalini, Luciano Balbo, Stefano Caselli

16. The Rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds: Definition, Organization, and Governance
Bernardo Bortolotti, Veljko Fotak, William L. (Bill) Megginson

17. European Way to Sovereign Funds: A Comparison among CDP, KfW, and CDC
Guido Corbetta, Gimede Gigante

18. Public-Private Partnerships: The Case of the Agencies for Local Development
Giancarlo Canzanelli, Vincenzo Milio

Keywords: Finance, Public Finance, Corporate Finance, Business Finance, Economic Systems, Public Administration

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