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The Palgrave Handbook of Mimetic Theory and Religion

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Table of contents

1. General Introduction
James Alison, Wolfgang Palaver

Part I. Violent Origins

2. Introduction
James Alison, Paul Dumouchel

3. An Essay on Hominization: Current Theories, Girardian–Darwinian Approaches
Paul Dumouchel

4. The Emergence of Human Consciousness in a Religious Context
Pierpaolo Antonello

5. Freud, Moses and Monotheism, and the Conversation Between Mimetic Theory and Psychoanalysis
Kathryn M. Frost

6. Kristeva and the Question of Origins
Martha J. Reineke

7. Girard and Burkert: Hunting, Homo Necans, Guilt
Wolfgang Palaver

8. Vengeance and the Gift
Mark R. Anspach

9. Mesoamerican Civilizations and Sacrifice
Miguel Rolland

10. Çatalhöyük, Archaeology, Violence
Christopher J. Knüsel, Bonnie Glencross

Part II. From Rites to Writing

11. Introduction
Wolfgang Palaver, Thomas Ryba

12. Lévi-Strauss and Girard on Mythology and Ritual
Lucien Scubla

13. The Axial Moment and Its Critics: Jaspers, Bellah, and Voegelin
Stephen Gardner

14. Monotheism and the Abrahamic Revolution: Moving Out of the Archaic Sacred
Wolfgang Palaver

15. The Eastern Revolution: From the Vedas to Buddhism, Jainism, and the Upanishads
Brian Collins

16. The Classical World: Sacrifice, Philosophy, and Religion
Nidesh Lawtoo

17. The Transition from Orality to Writing: Mimetic Theory and Religion
Phil Rose

18. Biblical Interpretation: Old and New Testaments, a New Hermeneutic(s)?
Robert J. Daly

19. Theological Inversions: Raymund Schwager, Robert G. Hamerton-Kelly, and James G. Williams
Mathias Moosbrugger

20. Oedipus and Greek Tragedy
Sandor Goodhart

21. Nietzsche, Dionysos, and the Crucified
James G. Williams

Part III. Theological Anthropology

22. Introduction
James Alison, Martha J. Reineke

23. An Epistemology of Revelation
John Ranieri

24. Approaches to Atonement: How Girard Changes the Debate
S. Mark Heim

25. Original Sin, Positive Mimesis
Petra Steinmair-Pösel

26. Embodiment and Incarnation
Scott Cowdell

27. Eucharist and Sacrifice: The Transformation of the Meaning of Sacrifice Through Revelation
James Alison

28. Girard and Augustine
Thomas Ryba

29. Raymund Schwager: Dramatic Theology
Nikolaus Wandinger

30. American Protestant Reception of Mimetic Theory: 1986–2015
Michael Hardin

31. James Alison’s Theological Appropriation of Girard
John P. Edwards

32. Levinas and the Prophetic Current
Sandor Goodhart

33. Mysticism, Girard, and Simone Weil
Ann Astell

34. From the Sacred to the Holy in the World’s Religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
Vanessa J. Avery

Part IV. Secularization and Modernity

35. Introduction
Paul Dumouchel, William A. Johnsen

36. Secularization
Jean-Pierre Dupuy

37. The Barren Sacrifice
Paul Dumouchel

38. The Economy as the Opium of the People
Bernard Perret

39. “The Carnal Mind Rebels”: The Unravelling Logic of the Salem Witch Hunt
David Dawson

40. Mimetic Theory, Religion, and Literature as Secular Scripture
William A. Johnsen

41. The Development of the Self
Paolo Diego Bubbio

42. Modern Pathologies and the Displacement of the Sacred
Emanuele Antonelli

43. Ressentiment and the Turn to the Victim: Nietzsche, Weber, Scheler
Stefano Tomelleri

44. René Girard and Charles Taylor: Complementary Engagements with the Crisis of Modernity
Wolfgang Palaver

45. Secularization Revisited: Tocqueville, Asad, Bonhoeffer, Habermas
Scott Cowdell

Part V. Apocalypse, Post-Modernity, and the Return of Religion

46. Introduction
Jeremiah Alberg, Wolfgang Palaver

47. The Return of Religion
Jeremiah Alberg

48. Mimetic Theory and the Katēchon

Michael Kirwan

49. Hӧlderlin and Heidegger: Which God Will Save Us?
Cyril O’Regan

50. “The Apocalypse Has Begun”: Ivan Illich and René Girard on Anti-christ
David Cayley

51. Weak Faith
Frederiek Depoortere

52. Terrorism and Religion
Elisabetta Brighi

53. Apocalypse: Hope Against All Hope
Bruce K. Ward

54. Enlightened Doomsaying
Wilhelm Guggenberger

Part VI. Alternative Paradigms

55. Introduction
Paul Dumouchel

56. The New Atheism: Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens
Grant Kaplan

57. Scientific Evidence for the Foundational Role of Psychological Mimesis
Scott Garrels

58. Cognitive Neuroscience and Religion
Warren S. Brown

59. Generative Anthropology
Eric Gans

60. Critiques of Girard’s Mimetic Theory
Trevor Cribben Merrill

61. A Theory of Everything? A Methodological Tale
Paul Dumouchel

62. Mimetic Theory and Self-criticism
Jean-Marc Bourdin

Part VII. Approaching the Contemporary

63. Introduction
Andrew McKenna, Sheelah Treflé Hidden

64. Scandal
Jeremiah Alberg

65. Terrorism and the Escalation of Violence
Duncan Morrow

66. Religious Conflicts in the Contemporary World
Vern Neufeld Redekop

67. Modern Confessional Movements
Kris Rocke

68. Mimetic Insights into the Sacred in Film
Joel Hodge

69. Resurgent Religious Themes in Contemporary Film
Chris Fleming

70. Pastoral Outreach and Community Living
Adam Ericksen

Keywords: Religious Studies, Religious Studies, general, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Man

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