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The Palgrave Handbook of Security, Risk and Intelligence

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Table of contents

1. The Quest for a Theory of Intelligence
Claudia Hillebrand, R. Gerald Hughes

Section I. The Changing Nature of Conflict and Crises

2. Rapid Urbanisation and Security: Holistic Approach to Enhancing Security of Urban Spaces
Ksenia Chmutina, Lee Bosher

3. Energy Security
Petra Dolata

4. Evolving Biosecurity Frameworks
Caitriona McLeish

5. Resilience and National Security
Gail Ridley

6. Proxy Wars and the Contemporary Security Environment
Vladimir Rauta, Andrew Mumford

7. Resilience and Critical Infrastructure: Origins, Theories, and Critiques
Chris Zebrowski, Daniel Sage

8. Intelligence and Organised Crime – Paradigms and Paradoxes
John F. Buckley

Section II. The Changing Nature of Technology

9. Cyber Security
Scott Jasper, James Wirtz

10. Securing State Secrets
Patrick F. Walsh

11. The Rise of Smart Machines: The Unique Peril of Intelligent Software Agents in Defense and Intelligence
Nina A. Kollars

12. ‘The More Things Change’: HUMINT in the Cyber Age
David V. Gioe

13. Drones – Opportunities, Threats and Challenges
Peter Lee

14. Invisible Battlegrounds: On Force and Revolutions, Military and Otherwise
Michael Warner

Section III. The Changing Nature of Intelligence

15. Globalisation and Intelligence
Zakia Shiraz

16. Capacity Building and Security Sector Reform
Paul Jackson

17. Privatisation
Damien Van Puyvelde

18. Criminality, Terrorism and the Changing Nature of Conflict: The Dynamics of the Nexus Between Crime and Terrorism
Angela Gendron

19. Secret Interventions and Clandestine Diplomacy
Huw Dylan

20. Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
David Omand

21. Corporate Intelligence
Arthur Weiss

Section IV. The Changing Nature of Governance in the Developed World

22. The Ethics of Intelligence
Ross Bellaby

23. Risk, Security and International Law
Robert Dover

24. The Changing Media
Peter Busch

25. Terrorism and the News Media: Symbiosis, Control and Framing
Alexander Spencer

26. Two Worlds, One Common Pursuit: Why Greater Engagement with the Academic Community Could Benefit the UK’s National Security
Robert Dover, Michael S Goodman, Martha White

27. The Ethics of Whistleblowing, Leaking and Disclosure
Seumas Miller

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Military and Defence Studies, International Security Studies

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