Tiruneh, Esubalew Alehegn

Foreign Capital Flows and Economic Development in Africa

Tiruneh, Esubalew Alehegn - Foreign Capital Flows and Economic Development in Africa, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Exploring the Nature, Motives, and Implications of Foreign Capital in Africa
Evelyn Wamboye, Esubalew Alehegn Tiruneh

Part II. Chinese Growing Engagement in Africa: Motives and Implications

2. The Impact of China and South Africa in Urban Africa
Pádraig Carmody, James T. Murphy

3. China’s Financial and Aid Flows into Africa and their Effects
Meine Pieter Dijk

4. Enhancing the Impact of Chinese Development Finance for Sustained Poverty Alleviation in Africa
Patrick N. Osakwe

Part III. Understanding BRICS’ versus OECD Countries’ Investment in Africa

5. Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Change in Africa: Does Origin of Investors Matter?
Vito Amendolagine, Nicola D. Coniglio, Adnan Seric

6. BRICS versus G7 Countries’ Direct Investment Impact in Africa
Kenechukwu Ezemenari, Esubalew Alehegn Tiruneh, Evelyn Wamboye

7. BRIC versus OECD Foreign Direct Investment Impact on Development in Africa
Samuel Adams, Eric Evans Osei Opoku

8. Cross-Border Capital Flows and Economic Performance in Africa: A Sectoral Analysis
Odongo Kodongo, Kalu Ojah

Part IV. The Politics of Land, Land Grab, and the Development Puzzle

9. The Concept of Land in Ethiopian Tradition: Land, Power, and Famine
Mesfin Wolde-Mariam

10. Your Next “Landlord” Will Not Be Ethiopian: How Globalization Undermines the Poor
Aklog Birara

11. The Truth About Land Grabs: A Review of the Oakland Institute’s Reports on Large-Scale Land Investments in the Twenty-First Century
Elizabeth Fraser, Anuradha Mittal

Part V. International R&D Spillovers, Trade Linkages, and Economic Development in Africa

12. International R&D Spillovers and Labor Productivity in Africa
Esubalew Alehegn Tiruneh, Evelyn Wamboye, David O’Brien

13. Development Aid and International Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: EU versus China
Eduard Marinov, Nedyalko Nestorov

14. Changing International Trade Linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa: BRIC versus OECD Countries
Nihal Bayraktar

Part VI. Revisiting Aid Effect on Social Sector, Growth, and Structural Change in Africa

15. Growth Impact of Aid Quantity and Quality in Africa
Evelyn Wamboye, Kiril Tochkov

16. The Role of Foreign Aid in the Fast-Growing Rwandan Economy: Assessing Growth Alternatives
Xinshen Diao

17. Anatomy of Foreign Aid in Ethiopia
Adugna Lemi

Part VII. Remittances, Debt, Resource Management, and Economic Development in Africa

18. Remittances and Economic Development in Africa: A Review of Empirical Evidence
Kasahun Woldemariam, Zelealem Yiheyis

19. Have Debt Relief Initiatives Yielded Varying Effects in Resource and Non-resource Endowed Countries in Africa?
Esubalew Alehegn Tiruneh, Evelyn Wamboye

20. Debt Sustainability and Direction of Trade: What Does Africa’s Shifting Engagement with BRIC and OECD Tells Us?
Kelbesa Megersa, Danny Cassimon

21. Managing Resource Price Volatility: Exploring Policy Options for the Democratic Republic of Congo
Emmanuel Pinto Moreira

Keywords: Finance, Capital Markets, African Economics, Development Economics, International Finance, Development Finance, International Economics

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