Frøland, Hans Otto

Industrial Collaboration in Nazi-Occupied Europe

Frøland, Hans Otto - Industrial Collaboration in Nazi-Occupied Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Perfecting the Art of Stealing: Nazi Exploitation and Industrial Collaboration in Occupied Western Europe
Hans Otto Frøland, Mats Ingulstad, Jonas Scherner

Part I. The German Demand for Norwegian Resources

2. Ideology and Business Strategy: Assessing Nazi Germany’s Different Approaches to the Supply of Light Metals for the Luftwaffe

Lutz Budrass

3. Frozen Fillets from the Far North: German Demand for Norwegian Fish
Ole Sparenberg

Part II. The Western European Context: Regulation and Responses

4. Financial and Monetary Developments in the Occupied Netherlands, 1940–45
Hein A. M. Klemann

5. Doing Business with the Hun: Dutch Business During the German Occupation, 1940–45
Martijn Lak

6. Seizure or Purchase? French Deliveries for German Purposes in World War II, 1940–44
Marcel Boldorf

7. Shades of Collaboration: The French Automobile Industry Under German Occupation, 1940–44
Talbot Imlay

8. A Faustian Bargain: Denmark’s Precarious Deal with the German War Economy
Joachim Lund

9. Corporatist Institutions and Economic Collaboration in Occupied Belgium
Dirk Luyten

Part III. Supply: Managing and Extracting Resources from the Norwegian Economy

10. Incentive Structures and State Regulations of the Norwegian Economy
Harald Espeli

11. Why Did Germany Not Fully Exploit the Norwegian Nickel Industry, 1940–45?
Pål Thonstad Sandvik, Jonas Scherner

12. A Quest for Diversification? Norsk Hydro, IG Farben, and the German Light Metal Programme
Ketil Gjølme Andersen, Anette H. Storeide

13. Facing Disincentives? Norwegian Aluminium Companies Working for the German Aircraft Industry
Hans Otto Frøland

14. Hitler’s Achilles Heel? Norwegian Molybdenum as a Bottleneck in the German War Economy
Andreas D. R. Sanders, Mats Ingulstad

15. The Norwegian Fishing Sector During the German Occupation: Continuity or Change?
Bjørn-Petter Finstad

Keywords: Economics, Economic History, Natural Resource and Energy Economics, Economy-wide Country Studies, History of Modern Europe, History of World War II and the Holocaust, Natural Resources

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Palgrave Studies in Economic History
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22 pages
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