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Palgrave Handbook of Research in Historical Culture and Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Historical Cultures and Education in Transition
Mario Carretero, Stefan Berger, Maria Grever

Part I. Historical Culture: Conceptualizing the Public Uses of History

2. History Writing and Constructions of National Space: The Long Dominance of the National in Modern European Historiographies
Stefan Berger

3. Historical Consciousness and Historical Thinking
Peter Seixas

4. Historical Culture: A Concept Revisited
Maria Grever, Robbert-Jan Adriaansen

5. Historical Rights to Land: How Latin American States Made the Past Normative and What Happened to History and Historical Education as a Result
Tamar Herzog

6. ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’. On Time, Space and Periodization in History
Chris Lorenz

7. Democracy and History Museums. Museo de América
Marisa González Oleaga

8. Illustrating National History
Peter Burke

9. Film, the Past, and a Didactic Dead End: From Teaching History to Teaching Memory
Wulf Kansteiner

10. Historical Edutainment: New Forms and Practices of Popular History?
Barbara Korte, Sylvia Paletschek

11. The Jurassic Park of Historical Culture
Antonis Liakos, Mitsos Bilalis

Part II. The Appeal of the Nation in History Education of Postcolonial Societies

12. Teaching National History to Young People Today
Jocelyn Létourneau

13. Echoing National Narratives in English History Textbooks
Tina Vlies

14. Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts of History Textbooks
Susanne Grindel

15. History in French Secondary School: A Tale of Progress and Universalism or a Narrative of Present Society?
Nicole Tutiaux-Guillon

16. National Narratives and the Invention of Ethnic Identities: Revisiting Cultural Memory and the Decolonized State in Morocco
Norah Karrouche

17. Constructing Identity and Power in History Education in Ukraine: Approaches to Formation of Peace Culture
Karina V. Korostelina

18. Postcolonial Discourses and Teaching National History. The History Educators’ Attempts to Overcome Colonialism in the Republic of Korea
Sun Joo Kang

19. History for Nation-Building: The Case of Greece and Turkey
Hercules Millas

20. Conflicting Narratives about the Argentinean ‘Conquest of the Desert’: Social Representations, Cognitive Polyphasia, and Nothingness
Alicia Barreiro, José Antonio Castorina, Floor Alphen

21. After Empire: The Politics of History Education in a Post-Colonial World
Andrew Mycock

Part III. Reflections on History Learning and Teaching

22. What to Teach in History Education When the Social Pact Shakes?
Alberto Rosa, Ignacio Brescó

23. The Power of Story: Historical Narratives and the Construction of Civic Identity
Helen Haste, Angela Bermudez

24. Shared Principles in History and Social Science Education
Keith C. Barton

25. Concept Acquisition and Conceptual Change in History
María Rodríguez-Moneo, Cesar Lopez

26. Social Representations of the Past and Competences in History Education
Darío Páez, Magdalena Bobowik, James Liu

27. Teaching History Master Narratives: Fostering Imagi-Nations

Mario Carretero

28. Organizing the Past: Historical Accounts, Significance and Unknown Ontologies
Lis Cercadillo, Arthur Chapman, Peter Lee

29. Historical Reading and Writing in Secondary School Classrooms
Jeffery D. Nokes

30. Engaging Students in Historical Reasoning: The Need for Dialogic History Education
Carla Boxtel, Jannet Drie

Part IV. Educational Resources: Trends in Curricula, Textbooks, Museums and New Media

31. Bridging the Gap. Comparing History Curricula in History Teacher Education in Western Countries
Nicola Brauch

32. Cultural Wars and History Textbooks in Democratic Societies
Tony Taylor, Stuart Macintyre

33. Trends and Issues Surrounding the Reading of Historical Texts in the Republic of Korea
Ho Hwan Yang

34. History Education Reform in Twenty-First Century China
Side Wang, Yueqin Li, Chencheng Shen, Zhongjie Meng

35. Tools in Teaching Recent Past Conflicts: Constructing Textbooks Beyond National Borders
Robert Maier

36. Emotional, Moral, and Symbolic Imagery of Modern History Textbooks
Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady, Michael Lovorn

37. Educational Websites on the Memory of Slavery in Europe: The Ongoing Challenge of History Teaching
Stephan Klein

38. Social Media, New Technologies and History Education
Terry Haydn, Kees Ribbens

39. The Never-ending Story About Heritage and Museums: Four Discursive Models
Mikel Asensio, Elena Pol

Keywords: History, Historiography and Method, Cultural History, International and Comparative Education

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