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Starting Up in Business Networks

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Starting Up in Business Networks—Why Relationships Matter in Entrepreneurship
Lise Aaboen, Antonella La Rocca, Frida Lind, Andrea Perna, Tommy Shih

Part I. Starting Up Business Relationships

2. 1 Initiation of Business Relationships in Start Ups
Lise Aaboen, Elsebeth Holmen, Ann-Charlott Pedersen

3. 2 Third Actors Initiating Business Relationships for a Medical Device Start Up: Effect on Network Embedding and Venture Creation Processes
Tamara Oukes, Ariane Raesfeld

Part II. Relationships Dynamics in New Business Development

4. 3 Starting Up: Relating to a Context in Motion
Antonella Rocca, Ivan Snehota, Debbie Harrison

5. 4 When Start Ups Shift Network: Notes on Start Up Journey
Antonella La Rocca, Christina Öberg, Thomas Hoholm

Part III. Start Ups and Technological Collaboration in Industrial Networks

6. 5 R&D Collaboration and Start Ups
Jens Laage-Hellman, Maria Landqvist, Frida Lind

7. 6 Starting Up from Science: The Case of a University-Organised Commercialisation Project
Malena Ingemansson Havenvid

Part IV. Academic Spin-Offs and the Issue of Commercialising Science. Some Empirical Experiences

8. 7 The Impact of a Start Up’s Key Business Relationships on the Commercialization of Science: The Case of Nautes
Enrico Baraldi, Andrea Perna, Fabio Fraticelli, Gian Luca Gregori

9. 8 Start Ups as Vessels Carrying and Developing Science-Based Technologies: Starting and Restarting JonDeTech
Enrico Baraldi, Marcus Lindahl, Andrea Perna

Part V. Start Ups and the Role of Policy Actors

10. 9 The Challenging Life of University Start Ups: The Different View of Value Creation in a Policy Setting Compared to a Business Setting
Tommy Shih, Alexandra Waluszewski

11. 10 The Coordinating Role of Chinese Policy Actors in Developing New Biotechnology Start Up Companies to Promote Industrial Development
Åse Linné, Tommy Shih

Keywords: Business and Management, Start-Ups/Venture Capital, Corporate Communication/Public Relations

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