Haynes, Amanda

Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Mapping the Field of Hate Studies on the Island of Ireland
Seamus Taylor, Amanda Haynes, Jennifer Schweppe

Part I. Contextualising the Significance of the Irish Case

2. The Disappearing of Hate Crime in the Irish Criminal Justice Process
Amanda Haynes, Jennifer Schweppe

3. Acknowledgement, Recognition and Response: The Criminal Justice System and Hate Crime in Northern Ireland
Neil Jarman

4. Legislating Hate in Ireland: The View from Here
Barbara Perry

5. Ireland in an International Comparative Context
Joanna Perry

Part II. Targets of Hate: The Experiences of Identity Groups in Ireland

6. LGB and T? The Specificity of Anti-Transgender Hate Crime
Amanda Haynes, Jennifer Schweppe

7. Transphobic Hate Crime: Making the Invisible Visible
Broden Giambrone

8. Heteronormativity and the Inverted Relationship between Sociopolitical and Legislative Approaches to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Hate Crime
Marian Duggan

9. Third-Sector Responses to LGB Hate Crime: Community and Garda Engagement
Brian Sheehan, Craig Dwyer

10. Hate Crime Legislation and Violence Against Sex Workers in Ireland: Lessons in Policy and Practice
Graham Ellison, Lucy Smith

11. The Challenges of Disablist Hate Crime
Seamus Taylor

12. Intellectual Disability and Hate Crime
Jim Winters

13. Hate Crime: An Activist Physical Disability Perspective
Karen Hall, Shane Gorman

14. Islamophobia, Anti-Muslim Racism and Conceptions of Irish Homogeneity
James Carr

15. Anti-Black Racism: Afrophobia, Exclusion and Global Racisms
Lucy Michael

16. Combating Racist Hate: An NGO Perspective
Shane O’Curry

17. Cycles of Violence: Racist Hate Crime in Northern Ireland
Patrick Yu

18. Travellers and Roma in Ireland: Understanding Hate Crime Data through the Lens of Structural Inequality
Sindy Joyce, Margaret Kennedy, Amanda Haynes

19. A Civil Society Perspective on Anti-Traveller and Anti-Roma Hate: Connecting Online to On the Street
Aisling Twomey

Part III. Territorial Specificities, Global Challenges

20. Recording and Reporting Racist Hate Crime: Police and Civil Society Responses
James Carr

21. Hate and the State: Northern Ireland, Sectarian Violence and ‘Perpetrator-less Crime’
Robbie McVeigh

22. Policing Racism on the Island of Ireland
Dave McInerney

23. Probation Practice and Offending Motivated by Hate and Discrimination: An All-Ireland Perspective
Gerry McNally, Eithne McIlroy

24. International Legal Framework for Hate Crimes: Which Law for the ‘New’ Countries?
Aleš Gião Hanek

25. Towards an all-Island Approach to Hate Crime in Ireland
Amanda Haynes, Seamus Taylor, Jennifer Schweppe

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Critical Criminology, Criminological Theory, Crime and Society, Cultural Studies

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Palgrave Hate Studies
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