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Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Comparing Local Public Sector Reforms: Institutional Policies in Context
Geert Bouckaert, Sabine Kuhlmann

Part I. Re-Scaling Local Governance: Amalgamation, Cooperation, Territorial Consolidation

2. A Comparative Analysis of Amalgamation Reforms in Selected European Countries
Reto Steiner, Claire Kaiser, Grétar Thór Eythórsson

3. Explaining Trajectories of Municipal Amalgamations: A Case Comparison of the Netherlands and Flanders
Wout Broekema, Trui Steen, Ellen Wayenberg

4. What Causes Municipal Amalgamation Reform? Rational Explanations Meet Western European Experiences, 2004–13
Jostein Askim, Jan Erling Klausen, Signy Irene Vabo, Karl Bjurstrøm

5. Does Inter-Municipal Cooperation Lead to Territorial Consolidation? A Comparative Analysis of Selected European Cases in Times of Crisis
Jochen Franzke, Daniel Klimovský, Uroš Pinterič

Part II. Managerial Reforms: From Weberian Bureaucracy to Performance Management?

6. Design, Trajectories of Reform, and Implementation of Performance Budgeting in Local Governments: A Comparative Study of Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Norway
Riccardo Mussari, Alfredo Ettore Tranfaglia, Christoph Reichard, Hilde Bjørnå, Vitalis Nakrošis, Sabina Bankauskaitė-Grigaliūnienė

7. Impacts of NPM-Driven Performance Management Reforms and Ideologies in Napoleonic Local Governments: A Comparative Analysis of France, Portugal, and Turkey
Emil Turc, Marcel Guenoun, Miguel Ângelo V. Rodrigues, Yüksel Demirkaya, Jérôme Dupuis

8. Do They All Fail?: A Comparative Analysis of Performance-Related Pay Systems in Local Governments
Isabella Proeller, Anne-Kathrin Wenzel, Dominik Vogel, Riccardo Mussari, Donatella Casale, Emil Turc, Marcel Guenoun

9. Human Resource Management Reforms and Change Management in European City Administrations from a Comparative Perspective
Marco Salm, Christian Schwab

Part III. Re-Organizing Local Service Delivery: From Government to Governance?

10. Provision of Public and Social Services in European Countries: From Public Sector to Marketization and Reverse—or, What Next?
Hellmut Wollmann

11. Municipal Waste Management in Norway and the Netherlands: From In-House Provision to Inter-Municipal Cooperation
Harald Torsteinsen, Marieke Genugten

12. On the Road Towards Marketization? A Comparative Analysis of Nonprofit Sector Involvement in Social Service Delivery at the Local Level
Lars Skov Henriksen, Steven Rathgeb Smith, Malene Thøgersen, Annette Zimmer

13. The Governance of Childcare in Transition: A Comparative Analysis
Nikos Hlepas, Pekka Kettunen, Dagmar Kutsar, Muiris MacCarthaigh, Carmen Navarro, Philipp Richter, Filipe Teles

14. Rescaling of Planning Power: Comparing Functional Planning Reforms in Six European Countries
Panagiotis Getimis

Part IV. Local Participatory Reforms, Political Leaders, and Citizens

15. Giving Citizens More Say in Local Government: Comparative Analyses of Change Across Europe in Times of Crisis
Angelika Vetter, Daniel Klimovský, Bas Denters, Norbert Kersting

16. Reforming Local Councils and the Role of Councillors: A Comparative Analysis of Fifteen European Countries
Anders Lidström, Harald Baldersheim, Colin Copus, Eva Marín Hlynsdóttir, Pekka Kettunen, Daniel Klimovský

17. Have Mayors Will Travel: Trends and Developments in the Direct Election of the Mayor: A Five-Nation Study
Colin Copus, Angel Iglesias, Miro Hacek, Michal Illner, Anders Lidström

18. Local Democratic Renewal by Deliberative Participatory Instruments: Participatory Budgeting in Comparative Study
Norbert Kersting, Jana Gasparikova, Angel Iglesias, Jelizaveta Krenjova

19. Reforming Local Governments in Times of Crisis: Values and Expectations of Good Local Governance in Comparative Perspective
Bas Denters, Andreas Ladner, Poul Erik Mouritzen, Lawrence E. Rose

20. Conclusion: Tensions, Challenges, and Future “Flags” of Local Public Sector Reforms and Comparative Research
Geert Bouckaert, Sabine Kuhlmann

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Public Policy, Comparative Politics

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Governance and Public Management
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