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The Companion to Raymond Aron

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Elisabeth Dutartre-Michaut, José Colen

1. Life and Works: Raymond Aron, Philosopher and Freedom Fighter

2. Life and Works: Raymond Aron, Philosopher and Freedom Fighter
Nicolas Baverez

Part I. International Relations: “History is on the Move”

3. Raymond Aron on War and Strategy: A Framework for Conceptualizing International Relations Today
Jean-Vincent Holeindre

4. In the “Era of Tyrannies”: The International Order from Nazism to the Cold War
Matthias Oppermann

5. Aron and the Cold War: “Brother Enemies”
Carlos Gaspar

6. Forward to the Past: History and Theory in Raymond Aron’s Peace and War
Bryan-Paul Frost

7. “Citizen Clausewitz”: Aron’s Clausewitz in Defense of Political Freedom
Joël Mouric

8. Fin De Siècle: Aron and the End of the Bipolar System
Carlos Gaspar

Part II. Theory, History, Philosophy: The Primacy of the Political

9. Raymond Aron and the Notion of History: Taking Part in History
Perrine Simon-Nahum

10. The Question of Political Regime and the Problems of Democracy: Aron and the Alternative of Tocqueville
Giulio Ligio

11. The Totalitarian Negation of Man: Raymond Aron on Ideology and Totalitarianism
Daniel J. Mahoney

12. A Machiavellian Conception of Democracy? Democracy and Conflict
Serge Audier

13. Revisiting Aron’s The Class Struggle: Rereading Fifty Years after
Serge Paugam

14. The Origins of the “End of Ideology?” Raymond Aron and Industrial Civilization
Iain Stewart

Part III. Voices of the Great Men of the Past: Perennial Debates

15. Raymond Aron and Immanuel Kant: Politics between Morality and History
Pierre Hassner

16. Statesmanship and Ethics: Aron, Max Weber, and Politics as a Vocation
Scott Nelson, José Colen

17. Aron and Marxism: the Aronian Interpretation of Marx
Sylvie Mesure

18. “Moderate Machiavellianism”: Aron, Machiavelli, and the Modern Machiavellians
Diogo Pires Aurélio

19. Montesquieu and Aron on Democracy’s Virtues and Corruption: the Question of Political Legitimacy
Miguel Morgado

20. Raymond Aron and Alexis De Tocqueville: Political Moderation, Liberty, and the Role of the Intellectuals
Aurelian Craiutu

21. Epilogue: Raymond Aron and History in the Making
Christian Bachelier

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, European Politics, Social Theory, Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Critical Theory, Political History

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Recovering Political Philosophy
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