McMillan, M. E.

From the First World War to the Arab Spring

McMillan, M. E. - From the First World War to the Arab Spring, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
M. E. McMillan

Part I. The Tangled Web: Why the Great Powers of Europe Became Involved in the Middle East

2. Sarajevo: Sunday, June 28, 1914
M. E. McMillan

3. The British Empire and the Arab World: Ambition, Austerity, and a Class Apart
M. E. McMillan

4. The French Empire and the Arab World: From the Crusades to the Civilizing Mission
M. E. McMillan

5. The Russian Empire and the Arab World: Religion, Royalty, and the New Rome
M. E. McMillan

6. The German Empire and the Arab World: Family Feuds and Eastern Ambitions
M. E. McMillan

7. The Ottoman Empire: How the Arab World Was Won and Lost
M. E. McMillan

Part II. Too Many Straight Lines on the Map: Where, When, and Why It Started to Go Wrong

8. London: Tuesday, December 21, 1915
M. E. McMillan

9. The Arab World before the War: The Facts on the Ground
M. E. McMillan

10. The Remaking of the Middle East: Enter the Nation-State
M. E. McMillan

11. From Sykes-Picot to the Treaty of Sèvres: Betrayals, Backstabbing, and Broken Promises
M. E. McMillan

12. The Poisoned Legacy and the War’s Unanswered Questions
M. E. McMillan

Part III. All or Nothing: Why All Roads Lead to Jerusalem

13. Where to Begin?
M. E. McMillan

14. Jerusalem: The Temple Mount
M. E. McMillan

15. Jerusalem: The Noble Sanctuary
M. E. McMillan

Part IV. Kings, Colonels, and Coups: Why There Is a Democratic Deficit in the Arab World

16. Cairo: Wednesday, July 23, 1952
M. E. McMillan

17. The Kings, the Colonels, and the Political Time Warp: The Return of the Middle Ages
M. E. McMillan

18. I Am the State: Power, Politics, and the Cult of Personality
M. E. McMillan

19. The Problem of Absolute Power: From Stability to Stagnation
M. E. McMillan

Part V. The Sacred Versus the Secular: Who Speaks for Islam?

20. Mecca: Tuesday, November 20, 1979
M. E. McMillan

21. 1979: The View from Tehran
M. E. McMillan

22. 1979: Holy War and Unholy Alliances
M. E. McMillan

23. The Arab Spring and the Democratic Alternative
M. E. McMillan

24. Epilogue
M. E. McMillan

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Relations, Conflict Studies, Middle Eastern Culture, Middle Eastern Politics, Diplomacy, Political Science

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