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Knowledge, Networks and Power

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Knowledge, Networks and Power — The Uppsala School of International Business
Mats Forsgren, Ulf Holm, Jan Johanson

Part II. The Internationalization Process of the Firm

2. Experiential Knowledge and Cost in the Internationalization Process
Kent Eriksson, Jan Johanson, Anders Majkgård, D. Deo Sharma

3. A Note on the Criticisms Against the Internationalization Process Model
Amjad Hadjikhani

4. The Concept of Learning in the Uppsala Internationalization Process Model: A Critical Review
Mats Forsgren

5. Internationalisation in Industrial Systems — A Network Approach
Jan Johanson, Lars-Gunnar Mattsson

6. Business Networks and Cooperation in International Business Relationships
Desirée Blankenburg Holm, Kent Eriksson, Jan Johanson

7. The Uppsala Internationalization Process Model Revisited: From Liability of Foreignness to Liability of Outsidership
Jan Johanson, Jan-Erik Vahlne

8. Network Knowledge and Business-Relationship Value in the Foreign Market
Jukka Hohenthal, Jan Johanson, Martin Johanson

9. Division Headquarters Go Abroad — A Step in the Internationalization of the Multinational Corporation
Mats Forsgren, Ulf Holm, Jan Johanson

Part III. The Multinational Corporation

10. Headquarters’ Knowledge of Subsidiary Network Contexts in the Multinational Corporation
Ulf Holm, Jan Johanson, Peter Thilenius

11. Rationality vs Ignorance: The Role of MNE Headquarters in Subsidiaries’ Innovation Processes
Francesco Ciabuschi, Mats Forsgren, Oscar Martín Martín

12. Internal Embeddedness, Headquarters Involvement, and Innovation Importance in Multinational Enterprises
Francesco Ciabuschi, Henrik Dellestrand, Oscar Martín Martín

13. The Strategic Impact of External Networks: Subsidiary Performance and Competence Development in the Multinational Corporation
Ulf Andersson, Mats Forsgren, Ulf Holm

14. Competence Development through Business Relationships or Competitive Environment? — Subsidiary Impact on MNC Competitive Advantage
Ulf Holm, Christine Holmström, Deo Sharma

15. Cultural Distance or Cultural Positions? Analysing the Effect of Culture on the HQ—Subsidiary Relationship
Rian Drogendijk, Ulf Holm

16. Balancing Subsidiary Influence in the Federative MNC: A Business Network View
Ulf Andersson, Mats Forsgren, Ulf Holm

17. Quo Vadis? The Entry into New Technologies in Advanced Foreign Subsidiaries of the Multinational Enterprise
Katarina Blomkvist, Philip Kappen, Ivo Zander

18. Hymer’s Analysis of the Multinational Organization: Power Retention and the Demise of the Federative MNE
Mohammad Yamin, Mats Forsgren

Keywords: Business and Management, Management, International Business, Organization, Economics, general, Business Strategy/Leadership, Behavioral/Experimental Economics

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