Karatzogianni, Athina

The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere
Athina Karatzogianni, Dennis Nguyen, Elisa Serafinelli

Part I. Theorising Migration, Crisis, Culture and Conflict in the Digital Public Sphere

2. The Public Sphere: Migration of Normative Principles and the Digital Construction of Transnational Ethics
Martin Gak

3. The Digital Golden Dawn: Emergence of a Nationalist-Racist Digital Mainstream
Eugenia Siapera, Mariangela Veikou

4. From Bulletins to Bullets to Blogs and Beyond: The Ongoing Communication War of the Karen
Geff Green

5. Online Content Control, Memory and Community Isolation
Artur Matos Alves

6. The Critique of Videology: Games and the Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere
Luke O’Sullivan

Part II. Cyberconflict and the Digital Diaspora: Nigeria, India, China and Mexico

7. Veterans of Diaspora Activism: An Overview of ICT Uses Amongst Nigerian Migrant Networks
Shola Olabode

8. Online Gender Activism in India and the Participation of the Indian Diaspora, 2012–2015
Adrija Dey

9. Beyond the Great Wall: Locating Expatriate Media Environments in China
Fan Mai

10. Social Networks and Communicative Meaning in Mexican Migration Networks in the US
Joel Pedraza Mandujano

Part III. Migration and Crisis Discourses in the EU Public Sphere

11. Analysing Transnational Web Spheres: The European Example During the Eurozone Crisis
Dennis Nguyen

12. Intercultural Conflict and Dialogue in the Transnational Digital Public Sphere: Findings from the Mig@Net Research Project (2010–2013)
Athina Karatzogianni, Oxana Morgunova, Nelli Kambouri, Olga Lafazani, Nicos Trimikliniotis, Grigoris Ioannou, Dennis Nguyen

13. Understanding the Greek Crisis and Digital Media: A Cyberconflict Approach
Ioanna Ferra

14. Digital Ethnicities and (Re-)Construction of Ethnic Identities in Social Media
Slavka Karakusheva

15. Frontex: Human Rights Obligations and the Role of the European Ombudsman
Nikos Vogiatzis

Part IV. Digital Culture and Communication Shifts in the Public Sphere

16. Political Selfies: Image Events in the New Media Field
Achilleas Karadimitriou, Anastasia Veneti

17. Italian Migrants and Photo Sharing in the UK
Elisa Serafinelli

18. The Politics of Transformation: Selfie Production of the Visually Marginalised
Patricia Routh

19. YouTube, Migrant Rappers and the Early Cinema Aesthetics: Is There a Digital Public Sphere?
Giacomo Nencioni

Banoptikon Video Game: Walk-through a Dystopia
Ilias Marmaras

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Media and Communication, Social Media, Digital Humanities

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