Meer, Frits M.

Comparative Civil Service Systems in the 21st Century

Meer, Frits M. - Comparative Civil Service Systems in the 21st Century, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Civil Service Systems and the Challenges of the 21st Century
Jos C. N. Raadschelders, Theo A. J. Toonen, Frits M. Meer

2. Civil Service Development in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS: A Perfect Storm?
Tony J. G. Verheijen, Aleksandra Rabrenovic

3. Civil Service Systems in Western Europe: A Comparative Analysis
Frits M. Meer, Trui Steen, Anchrit Wille

4. Anglophone Systems: Diffusion and Policy Transfer within an Administrative Tradition
John Halligan

5. Explaining Civil Service Reform in Asia
John P. Burns

6. Africa: Revitalizing Civil Service Systems to Enhance Economic Performance
Ladipo Adamolekun, Dele Olowu

7. National Civil Service Systems in Western Europe: The End or Endurance of Weberian Bureaucracy?
Caspar Berg, Theo A. J. Toonen

8. Civil Service Reforms, Public Service Bargains and Dynamics of Institutional Change
Philippe Bezes, Martin Lodge

9. Public Service Systems at Subnational and Local Levels of Government: A British-German-French Comparison
Sabine Kuhlmann, Sylvia Veit, Jörg Bogumil

10. Middle-level Officials and Policy
Edward C. Page

11. Transitions in Civil Service Systems: Robustness and Flexibility in Human Resource Management
Per Lægreid, Lois Recascino Wise

12. Civil Service Systems and Public Service Motivation
James L. Perry

13. Law and Management: Comparatively Assessing the Reach of Judicialization
Robert K. Christensen, Charles R. Wise

14. The Constitutional Responsibility of the Civil Service
John A. Rohr

15. Civil Service Systems and Responsibility, Accountability and Performance: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
Gerrit S. A. Dijkstra

16. Governance and Civil Service Systems: From Easy Answers to Hard Questions
B. Guy Peters, Jon Pierre

17. Is Past Prologue to 21st-Century Civil Service Systems? Exploring Historical Frames for Discovering Lessons about Institutional Futures
Richard J. Stillman

18. Political-Administrative Relations: Evolving Models of Politicization
Luc Rouban

19. Political (System) Reform: Can Administrative Reform Succeed Without?
Jos C. N. Raadschelders, Marie-Louise Bemelmans-Videc

20. Civil Servants in the Enabling Framework State of the 21st Century
Jos C. N. Raadschelders, Theo A. J. Toonen, Frits M. Meer

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, Political Science, Public Administration, US Politics

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2nd edition
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383 pages
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