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The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Asian Higher Education in the Era of Contemporary Globalization: Introduction

1. Framing Essay Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Historical Context
John N. Hawkins

2. A Journey Back to the Center: Asian Higher Education in Global Context
Sheng-Ju Chan

3. Asian Higher Education: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects
Anthony Welch

4. Prospects for Higher Education in the Midst of Globalization
Deane E. Neubauer, John N. Hawkins

5. Globalization and the Transformation of Asian Higher Education
Christopher Ziguras

6. Public Good in Asian Higher Education
Christopher S. Collins

7. Strategies for Higher Education in the Contemporary Era: Public–Private Partnerships and Regional Cooperation
Molly N. N. Lee

Part II. Introduction to Part II: The Forces of Regionality in Asian Higher Education

8. Regionalization of Higher Education in Asia: Functional, Organizational, and Political Approaches
Jane Knight

9. Regional Trends in Asian Higher Education
Molly N. N. Lee

10. Regionalization of Higher Education in Asia
Kazuo Kuroda

11. The International Branch Campus: Cloistered Community or Agent of Social Change?
Michael Lanford, William G. Tierney

12. China’s Approach Toward HE Regional Cooperation with ASEAN
Wen Wen

13. Transformation of Higher Education Systems in the Dynamics of Contemporary Globalization: The Case of Japan
Miki Sugimura

14. Cross-Currents in Asian Higher Education
Edilberto C. Jesús

15. Prospects of Higher Education in the Asian Region with Specific Reference to China
Jinghuan Shi, Lyeong Jo, Jiayi Li

16. Cultural Challenges Facing East Asian Higher Education: A Preliminary Assessment
Rui Yang

17. Can East Asian Universities Break the Spell of Hierarchy? The Challenge of Seeking an Inherent Identity
Akiyoshi Yonezawa

18. Reforms of University Governance and Management in Asia: Effects on Campus Culture
Molly N. N. Lee

19. The Driving Forces of Higher Education: Westernization, Confucianism, Economization, and Globalization
Christopher S. Collins, Athena R. Castro, Tasha Kawamata Ryan

Part III. Introduction to Part III: Access, Equity, Capacity, and Quality in the Overall Context of the Massification of Asia Higher Education

20. Higher Education Inequality in East and Southeast Asia
Prompilai Buasuwan, Wanwisa Suebnusorn

21. Higher Education in China: Massification, Accessibility, and Quality Issues
Yuchen Yang

22. Equity and Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific
Peter D. Hershock

23. Higher Education Capacity for What? Balancing Issues of Equity, Efficiency, Choice, and Excellence
W. James Jacob, Weiyan Xiong

24. Higher Education in Cambodia: Challenges to Promote Greater Access and Higher Quality
Yuto Kitamura

25. Quality Assurance in Asian Higher Education: Challenges and Prospects
Angela Yung Hou

26. Current Issues with Accreditation in the USA
Ralph A. Wolff

27. Impact of Globalization on Japanese Higher Education Policy: Examining Government Control and Quality Assurance
Reiko Yamada

28. After Massification and Response to Internationalization: Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Ka Ho Mok, Sheng-Ju Chan

29. The Paradigm Shift on Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Taiwan
Sheng Yao Cheng, Ming-li Yao

Part IV. Introduction to Part IV: Country Studies

30. Massification of Chinese Higher Education: Policies and Practices
Ma Wanhua

31. Higher Education in Malaysia
Morshidi Sirat, Chang Da Wan

32. Pushing for Globalized Higher Education in the Philippines: Advances and Challenges
Serafin L. Ngohayon, Julian B. Nangphuhan

33. Situating Higher Education in China: From Universal History to the Research Paradigm
Yuan Xun

34. Thai Higher Education
Ekaphong Lauhathiansind, Nongnuch Chunbundit

35. Higher Education in India: Against the Backdrop of the Evolving Political Economy
Shyam Menon

36. Singapore: A Small Nation with Big Dreams of Being a Global Schoolhouse
Eng Thye Tan

37. Higher Education in Indonesia: Contemporary Challenges in Governance, Access, and Quality
Chiara Logli

38. Australian Higher Education
Sarah French, Richard James

39. New Zealand Universities: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Globalizing Higher Education
Francis L. Collins, Nick Lewis

40. Higher Education Institutions and ASEAN: Current Trends and Implications for Future Innovation and Change
Peter Tan Keo, Alexander Jun

41. The Rapid Growth of Higher Education in South Korea: Achievements, Dilemmas, and Resolutions
Minho Yeom

42. Vietnam: The Demand for Change and the Direction Taken
Phuong Lan Bui

43. Higher Education in Kazakhstan
Lyudmila Kovaleva, Jack T. Lee

Keywords: Education, International and Comparative Education, Higher Education, Asian Culture, American Culture, Ethnicity Studies

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