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The Palgrave Handbook of Research Design in Business and Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Research Design Guidelines

1. Why Practitioner-Scholars Need a Research Design Typology
Kenneth D. Strang

2. Articulating a Research Design Ideology
Kenneth D. Strang

3. Developing a Goal-Driven Research Strategy
Kenneth D. Strang

4. Matching Research Method with Ideology and Strategy
Kenneth D. Strang

5. Selecting Research Techniques for a Method and Strategy
Kenneth D. Strang

6. Design Issues in Cross-Cultural Research: Suggestions for Researchers
Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker, Dang Nguyen, Torgeir Aleti

7. Establishing Rationale and Significance of Research
Judith Hahn

8. Organizing and Conducting Scholarly Literature Reviews
Linnaya Graf

9. Interpreting Findings and Discussing Implications for All Ideologies
Mary Ann Rafoth, George Semich, Richard Fuller

Part II. Positivist Applications

10. Implications of Experimental versus Quasi-Experimental Designs
Jeremy W. Grabbe

11. Structural Equation Modeling: Principles, Processes, and Practices
Sewon Kim, Edward Sturman, Eun Sook Kim

12. Correlation to Logistic Regression Illustrated with a Victimization-Sexual Orientation Study
Creaig A. Dunton, Mark Beaulieu

13. Survey Method versus Longitudinal Surveys and Observation for Data Collection
John F. Gaski

14. Cross-Sectional Survey and Multiple Correspondence Analysis of Financial Manager Behavior
Kenneth D. Strang

15. Control Variables: Problematic Issues and Best Practices
Leon Schjoedt, Krittaya Sangboon

16. Monte Carlo Simulation Using Excel: Case Study in Financial Forecasting
Seifedine Kadry

Part III. Pragmatistic Applications

17. Critical Analysis Using Four Case Studies across Industries
Linnaya Graf

18. Integrating Multiple Case Studies with a Merger and Acquisition Example
Lars Schweizer

19. Iterative-Pragmatic Case Study Method and Comparisons with Other Case Study Method Ideologies
Harm-Jan Steenhuis

20. Action Research Applied with Two Single Case Studies
Angeline Lim, Dae Seok Chai

21. Transportation Queue Action Research at an Australian Titanium Dioxide Mining Refinery
Kenneth D. Strang

22. Participant Observation as Ethnography or Ethnography as Participant Observation in Organizational Research
Peter John Sandiford

Part IV. Constructivist Applications

23. Constructivist Grounded Theory Applied to a Culture Study
Narasimha Rao Vajjhala

24. Phenomenology Variations from Traditional Approaches to Eidetic and Hermeneutic Applications
Jillian McCarthy

25. Hermeneutic and Eidetic Phenomenology Applied to a Clinical Health-Care Study
Jillian McCarthy

26. Structure of a Dissertation for a Participatory Phenomenology Design
Judith Hahn

27. Emancipatory Phenomenology Applied to a Child Sex Offender Study
Rodney Alexander

Part V. Final Generalizations and Descriptive Characteristics

28. Gaps to Address in Future Research Design Practices
Kenneth D. Strang, Linda Brennan, Narasimha Rao Vajjhala, Judith Hahn

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Information Systems, Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management, Careers in Business and Mangagement, Innovation/Technology Management

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