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Bodies in Resistance

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Wendy Harcourt, Silke Heumann, Aniseh Asya

Part I. The Politics of Place: Gender, Movements and Bodies

2. Politics of Place at the Women’s School of Madrid: Experiences Around Bodies and Territory
Juliana Flórez Flórez, Guisella Andrea Lara Veloza, Patricia Veloza Torres, Manuela Cardozo García, Claudia Espejo

3. Reclaiming the Right to Become Other-Women in Other-Places: The Politics of Place of the Ecologist Women of La Huizachera Cooperative, Mexico
Daniela M. Gloss

4. Moments of Movement Intersection in India: Informing and Transforming Bodies in Movements
Manisha Desai

5. Contesting Bodies in the Constitutional Debate About Citizenship in Nepal
Kumud Rana

6. Embodying Change in Iran: Volunteering in Family Planning as a Practice of Justice
Aniseh Asya

7. Neoliberal Body Politics: Feminist Resistance and the Abortion Law in Turkey
Cevahir Özgüler, Betül Yarar

8. Dialogue: Transgendered Bodies as Subjects of Feminism: A Conversation and Analysis about the Inclusion of Trans Persons and Politics in the Nicaraguan Feminist Movement
Silke Heumann, Ana V. Portocarrero, Camilo Antillón Najlis, María Teresa Blandón, Geni Gómez, Athiany Larios, Ana Quirós Víquez, Juana Urbina

Part II. Points of View on Gender Politics, Rights and Bodies in Resistance

9. The Development Industry and the Co-optation of Body Politics
Wendy Harcourt

10. An Intergenerational Trialogue on Global Body Politics
Sara Vida Coumans, Wendy Harcourt, Loes Keysers

11. Post-What? Global Advocacy and Its Disconnects: The Cairo Legacy and the Post-2015 Agenda
Rishita Nandagiri

12. Where Are the Men? Reflections on Manhood, Masculinities and Gender Justice
Jan Reynders

13. Body Politics, Human Rights and Public Policies in Brazil: In Conversation with Jacqueline Pitanguy
Wendy Harcourt, Jacqueline Pitanguy

14. Some Thoughts on New Epistemologies in Latin American Feminisms
Virginia Vargas

15. The Subject of Porn Research: Inquiring Bodies and Lines of Resistance
Karen Gabriel

16. An American’s View of Trans* Emergence in Africa and Feminist Responses
Chloe Schwenke

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Theory, Gender Studies, Sociology of the Body, Political Sociology, Feminism, Development and Social Change

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Gender, Development and Social Change
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21 pages
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