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Aesthetic Labour

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Table of contents

Part I. Aesthetic Labouring

1. Aesthetic Labour: Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism
Ana Elias, Rosalind Gill, Christina Scharff

2. ‘Seriously Girly Fun!’: Recontextualising Aesthetic Labour as Fun and Play in Cosmetics Advertising
Michelle M. Lazar

3. Rethinking Ruskin’s Wife’s Vulva
Virginia Braun

4. Mapping ‘Gross’ Bodies: The Regulatory Politics of Disgust
Breanne Fahs

5. The Escalating Price of Motherhood: Aesthetic Labour in Popular Representations of ‘Stay-at-Home’ Mothers
Sara De Benedictis, Shani Orgad

6. Holistic Labour: Gender, Body and the Beauty and Wellness Industry in China
Jie Yang

7. The Entrepreneurial Practices of Becoming a Doll
Adrienne Evans, Sarah Riley

8. PhD Barbie Gets a Makeover! Aesthetic Labour in Academia
Scarlett Brown

Part II. Risk, Work and (Post)Feminist Beauty

9. The Risky Business of Postfeminist Beauty
Simidele Dosekun

10. Dream Jobs? The Glamourisation of Beauty Service Work in Media Culture
Laurie Ouellette

11. Skin: Post-feminist Bleaching Culture and the Political Vulnerability of Blackness
Shirley Anne Tate

12. ‘Being a Better #Freelancer’: Gendered and Racialised Aesthetic Labour on Online Freelance Marketplaces
Monika Sengul-Jones

13. Seriously Stylish: Academic Femininities and the Politics of Feminism and Fashion in Academia
Ngaire Donaghue

14. How to Do Feminist Mothering in Urban India? Some Reflections on the Politics of Beauty and Body Shapes
Shilpa Phadke

Part III. Empowerment, Confidence and Subjectivity

15. ‘I’m Beautiful the Way I Am’: Empowerment, Beauty, and Aesthetic Labour
Sarah Banet-Weiser

16. ‘Just Be Confident Girls!’: Confidence Chic as Neoliberal Governmentality
Laura Favaro

17. ‘The Bottom Line Is That the Problem Is You’: Aesthetic Labour, Postfeminism and Subjectivity in Russian Self-Help Literature
Maria Adamson, Suvi Salmenniemi

18. Look Good, Feel Good: Sexiness and Sexual Pleasure in Neoliberalism
Rachel Wood

19. The Aesthetics of Sexual Discontent: Notes from the London ‘Seduction Community’
Rachel O’Neill

20. Invisible Labour? Tensions and Ambiguities of Modifying the ‘Private’ Body: The Case of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery
Amy Shields Dobson, Karalyn McDonald, Maggie Kirkman, Kay Souter, Jane Fisher

21. Beautiful Israeli Girls: Between Being in the Present and Future Unpredictability
Dana Kaplan

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Theory, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Sociology of Work

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