Halevi, Joseph

Post-Keynesian Essays from Down Under Volume II: Essays on Policy and Applied Economics

Halevi, Joseph - Post-Keynesian Essays from Down Under Volume II: Essays on Policy and Applied Economics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Joseph Halevi, Geoff Harcourt, Peter Kriesler, John Nevile

Part I. Policy

2. Tools of Choice for Fighting Recessions
J. W. Nevile, Peter Kriesler

3. Macroeconomic Impacts of Globalization
Peter Kriesler, J. W. Nevile

4. Exchange Rates and the Macroeconomy in an Era of Global Financial Crises, with Special Reference to Australia
Peter Kriesler, J. W. Nevile, G. C. Harcourt

5. A Critique of the New Consensus View of Monetary Policy
Peter Kriesler, Marc Lavoie

6. The Current Financial Crisis: Causes and Policy
Peter Kriesler

7. The Current Crisis Has a Silver Lining
J. W. Nevile

8. The ABC of G and T
G. C. Harcourt

9. The Systemic Downside of Flexible Labour Market Regimes: Salter Revisited
G. C. Harcourt

10. Political Aspects of “Buffer Stock” Employment
Peter Kriesler, Joseph Halevi

11. How Voluntary Is Unemployment? Two Views of the Phillips Curve
J. W. Nevile

Part II. Australia

12. A Simple Econometric Model of the Australian Economy
J. W. Nevile

13. Can Keynesian Policies Stimulate Growth in Output and Employment?
J. W. Nevile

14. Australian Economic Growth: A Structural Perspective (A Preliminary Report)
Joseph Halevi, Peter Kriesler

15. Corporatism in Australia
Peter Kriesler, Joseph Halevi

16. Structural Change and Economic Growth
Joseph Halevi, Peter Kriesler

17. Why Keynesian Policy was More Successful in the Fifties and Sixties than in the Last Twenty Years
J. W. Nevile, Peter Kriesler

18. The Share of Wages in Income in Australia
J. W. Nevile

19. Inflation in Australia: Causes and Cures
J. W. Nevile

20. The Effects of Immigration on Unemployment
J. W. Nevile

21. The Effects of the Immigration of Low-skilled Workers on Unemployment
J. W. Nevile, Peter Kriesler

22. Why Privatize Airports?
Peter Kriesler

Part III. World Economy

23. Asia, Japan and the Internationalization of Effective Demand
Peter Kriesler, Joseph Halevi

24. History, Politics and Effective Demand in Asia
Joseph Halevi, Peter Kriesler

25. Stagnation and Economic Conflict in Europe
Joseph Halevi, Peter Kriesler

26. The Changing Patterns of Accumulation and Realization in East Asia since the 1990s
Joseph Halevi, Peter Kriesler

27. The Accumulation Process in Japan and East Asia as Compared with the Role of Germany in European Post-war Growth
Joseph Halevi

28. The EMS and the Bundesbank in Europe
Joseph Halevi

29. The Argentine Crisis
Joseph Halevi

30. Imperialism Today
Joseph Halevi

Keywords: Economics, Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods, Economic Policy, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Political Economy

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