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The Palgrave Handbook of Age Diversity and Work

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Emma Parry, Jean McCarthy

Part I. Perspectives on Age, Ageing, and Age Diversity

2. What Is Old at Work? Moving Past Chronological Age
Jeanette N. Cleveland, Madison Hanscom

3. Towards an Identity-Based Approach for Examining Age in the Workplace: Perspectives and Implications
Michael J. Urick

4. An Integrative Psychological Perspective on (Successful) Ageing at Work
Josje Dikkers, Annet Lange, Beatrice Heijden

5. Age, Generations, and the Labour Market
Peter Urwin, Emma Parry

6. From Age Diversity to Embedded Ageing: Exploring and Addressing Aged Assumptions in Organisational Practices
Sophie Hales, Kathleen Riach

7. Promoting Workability for Our Ageing Population
Deirdre FitzGerald, Alex Reid, Desmond O’Neill

Part II. Older Workers

8. Healthy Ageing and Well-Being at Work
Kristina Potočnik

9. Innovative Pathways to Meaningful Work: Older Adults as Volunteers and Self-Employed Entrepreneurs
Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Tay McNamara, Jacquelyn James, Cal Halvorsen

10. Bridge Employment: Transitions from Career Employment to Retirement and Beyond
Carlos-María Alcover

11. Understanding Retirement Processes: The Role of Life Histories
Marleen Damman

12. Interventions in Life and Retirement Planning
Anthony Chiva

Part III. Younger Workers

13. Millennials in Canada: Young Workers in a Challenging Labour Market
Eddy S. Ng, Sean T. Lyons, Linda Schweitzer

14. Tripartite Responses to Young Workers and Precarious Employment in the European Union
Caroline Murphy, Melanie Simms

15. Young Workers in Europe: Perceptions and Discourses on the Labour Market
Luis Enrique Alonso, Carlos J. Fernández Rodríguez

Part IV. Ageist Attitudes

16. Ageist Attitudes
Jean McCarthy, Noreen Heraty

17. Millennials, Media, and Research: Ageism and the Younger Worker
Joel T. Nadler, Rosey Morr, Samantha Naumann

18. Age Discrimination at Work
Donald M. Truxillo, Franco Fraccaroli, Lale M. Yaldiz, Sara Zaniboni

Part V. Age Diversity in Context

19. Employment of Workers Aged 65 and Over: The Importance of Policy Context
David Lain

20. The Impact of National Context on Age Diversity and Age Management: The Case of the UK and Hong Kong
Matt Flynn, Heike Simone Schröder, Alfred C. M. Chan

21. Age-Based Generations at Work: A Culture-Specific Approach
Emmanouil F. Papavasileiou

22. Young at Heart, but What About My Body? Age and Aesthetic Labour in the Hospitality and Retail Industries
Dennis Nickson, Tom Baum

23. Gender, Age, and Labour Market Experiences
Caroline Murphy, Christine Cross

Part VI. Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce

24. Designing a HR System for Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities
Edel Conway, Kathy Monks

25. Considering Age Diversity in Recruitment and Selection: An Expanded Work Lifespan View of Age Management
Cort W. Rudolph, Eileen C. Toomey, Boris B. Baltes

26. Designing Effective Training for Older Workers
Kurt Kraiger

27. ‘When You Grew Up …’ or ‘How Old Are You?’ A Review of Theory and Evidence on Generational and Age Differences in Psychological Contracts
Xander D. Lub, Melanie Ruiter, Rob Blomme

28. Career Management Over the Life-Span
Ulrike Fasbender, Jürgen Deller

29. Age Diversity and Leadership: Enacting and Developing Leadership for All Ages
Michelle M. Hammond, Gretchen Lester, Rachel Clapp-Smith, Michael Palanski

Keywords: Business and Management, Human Resource Management, Organization, Management, Sociology of Work

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