Fisher, John

The Foreign Office, Commerce and British Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century

Fisher, John - The Foreign Office, Commerce and British Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
John Fisher, Effie Pedaliu, Richard Smith

2. “A Kind of Black Hole”?: Commercial Diplomacy Before 1914
T. G. Otte

3. In Pursuit of National Security: The Foreign Office and Middle Eastern Oil, 1908–39
Fiona Venn

4. The De Bunsen Mission to South America, 1918
John Fisher

5. The Age of Illusion? The Department of Overseas Trade Between the Two World Wars: Three Case Studies
Miklos Lojko

6. Sir Ronald Lindsay, the British Government and the Reparation (Recovery) Act, 1927–8
Gaynor Johnson

7. Imperial Solutions to International Crises: Alliances, Trade and the Ottawa Imperial Economic Conference of 1932
Francine McKenzie

8. The Foreign Office, Foreign Policy and Commerce: Anglo-German Relations in the 1930s
Neil Forbes

9. ‘The Jackal’s Share’: Whitehall, the City of London and British Policy Towards the Sino-Japanese War, 1937–9
Antony Best

10. British Industry and US–UK Economic Diplomacy During the Second World War
Thomas C. Mills

11. Power Relations: The Foreign Office, the Board of Trade and the Development of Civil Nuclear Power, 1945–70
Stephen Twigge

12. ‘Keeping Her Powder Dry’: Turkey’s Commercial Ties with Britain in the 1940s
Aysegul Sever

13. The Foreign Office, the Board of Trade and Anglo-Italian Relations in the Aftermath of the Second World War
Effie G. H. Pedaliu

14. Britain and Antarctica: Keeping the Economic Dimension in Its Place
Peter J. Beck

15. Anglo-Spanish Commercial Relations, 1946–50
Víctor Gavín

16. When Strategic Foreign Policy Considerations Did Not Trump Economics: British Cold War Policies on East-West Trade
Alan Dobson

17. The Business of Decolonization: The Foreign Office, British Business, and the End of Empire in Kuwait and Qatar
Simon C. Smith

18. The Foreign Office and Preparing for the First United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Edward Johnson

19. Commerce as a British Cold War ‘Heresy’: The Intra-NATO Debate on Trade with the Soviet Bloc, 1962–5
Evanthis Hatzivassiliou

20. Oil: Too Important to be Left to the Oilmen? Britain and the First Oil Crisis, 1970–3
Francesco Petrini

21. British Policy Towards Socialist Countries in the 1970s: Trade as a Cornerstone of Détente
Angela Romano

22. ‘Paying Our Way in the World’: The FCO, Export Promotion and Iran in the 1970s
Richard Smith

23. Thwarting Thatcher: Britain, Nigeria and the Rhodesian Crisis in 1979
William Bishop

24. Missing the ‘Klondike Rush?’ British Trade with China 1971–9 and the Politics of Defence Sales
Ed Hampshire

25. Commercial Diplomatic Policy and Practice: a practitioner’s perspective
Roger Carrick

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Foreign Policy

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