Zaoral, Roman

Money and Finance in Central Europe during the Later Middle Ages

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Medieval Finance in Central European Historiography
Roman Zaoral

Part I. Money and Minting

2. A New Perspective on the Imperial Coinage
Hendrik Mäkeler

3. The Reception of Imperial Monetary Reforms in 16th-century Northern Germany
Michael North

4. The Kremnica Town Book of Accounts: The Economy of a Mining and Mint Town in the Kingdom of Hungary
Martin Štefánik

Part II. Medieval Court Funding

5. Financiers to the Blind King: Funding the Court of John the Blind (1310–1346)
Zdeněk Žalud

6. The Financial Dimension of the Pledge Policy of King Sigismund of Luxembourg in Bohemia (1419–1437)
Stanislav Bárta

7. The Pledge Policy of King Sigismund of Luxembourg in Hungary (1387–1437)
János Incze

8. The Economic Background to and the Financial Politics of Queen Barbara of Cilli in Hungary (1406–1438)
Daniela Dvořáková

9. The Courtly Accounts of Prince Sigismund Jagiello (Late 15th to Early 16th Centuries) and Their Historical Context
Petr Kozák

Part III. Trade and Towns

10. Accounting Records of the Town Offices in Bohemia and Moravia: Methodology and Application
Pavla Slavíčková, Zdeněk Puchinger

11. Remnants and Traces: In Search of Wrocław’s Accounting Books (Late 14th to Early 16th Centuries)
Grzegorz Myśliwski

12. Financial Obligations of the City of Gdańsk to King Casimir IV Jagiellon and His Successors in the Light of the 1468–1516 Ledger Book
Beata Możejko

13. Old Interpretations and New Approaches: The 1457–1458 Thirtieth Customs Register of Bratislava
Balázs Nagy

Part IV. Church and Money

14. Financing a Legation: Papal Legates and Money in the Later Middle Ages
Antonín Kalous

15. St Vitus Building Accounts (1372–1378): The Economic Aspects of Building the Cathedral
Marek Suchý

16. ‘De mandato dominorum divisorum … ’: Finances in the Life of Prague’s Metropolitan Chapter
Martina Maříková

Keywords: Finance, Financial History, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Economic History, Social Sciences, general

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Palgrave Studies in the History of Finance
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