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Sons and Heirs

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Table of contents

1. Stabilizing a ‘Great Historic System’ in the Nineteenth Century? Royal Heirs and Succession in an Age of Monarchy

1. Stabilizing a ‘Great Historic System’ in the Nineteenth Century? Royal Heirs and Succession in an Age of Monarchy
Frank Lorenz Müller

Part I. Dynasties as Royal Families

2. Fathers and Sons in the History of the Hohenzollern Dynasty
Christopher Clark

3. Heirs and Their Wives: Setting the Scene for Umbertian Italy
Axel Körner

4. Heirs before the Altar: Hohenzollern Marriages in a Bourgeois Age
Daniel Schönpflug

Part II. Courtly Contexts

5. Education and the Rituals of Monarchy in the Kingdom of Württemberg: Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince Karl and Prince Wilhelm Compared
Eberhard Fritz

6. Travels with a Camera: The Prince of Wales, Photography and the Mobile Court
Sophie Gordon

7. The Spatial and Architectural Presence of Heirs to the Throne: The Apartments of the Habsburg Crown Princes in the Viennese Hofburg in the Long Nineteenth Century
Richard Kurdiovsky

Part III. Overcoming Succession Crises

8. Domesticating a German Heir to the Danish Throne
Jes Fabricius Møller

9. The Succession of an Unborn King: Constitutional Politics in Spain after the Death of Alfonso XII
Carmina López Sánchez

10. An Italian Heir for the New Century: Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples
Valentina Villa

Part IV. The Impact of Dynastic Deaths

11. 1834–1869–1891: The Untimely Deaths of Three Heirs to the Belgian Throne
Christoph Spiegeleer

12. The Impossible Task of Replacing a Model Heir: The Death of Ferdinand-Philippe d’Orléans and the ‘New France’
Heidi Mehrkens

13. The Opposition of the Archdukes: Rudolf, Franz Ferdinand and the late Habsburg Monarchy
Günther Kronenbitter

Part V. Heirs in the Great War

14. A Prince in the Trenches? Edward VIII and the First World War
Heather Jones

15. Wilhelm’s War: A Hohenzollern in Conflict 1914–18
Katharine Anne Lerman

16. Germany’s Ersatz Kaiser? The Political Opportunities of Max von Baden: Royal Heir and Imperial Chancellor
Lothar Machtan

Keywords: History, History, general

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Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy
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