Craciun, Adriana

The Material Cultures of Enlightenment Arts and Sciences

Craciun, Adriana - The Material Cultures of Enlightenment Arts and Sciences, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Adriana Craciun, Simon Schaffer

Part I. Natural Curiosities

2. Handling Objects in Natural History Collections
Mary Terrall

3. Curious Work
Mary M. Brooks

4. The Lives of Mrs Delany’s Paper Plants
Kim Sloan

5. A Pathological Pot
Samuel J. M. M. Alberti

6. The Seeds of Disaster: Relics of La Pérouse
Adriana Craciun

Part II. Tools and Travels

7. A Bird in the Hand, or, Manufacturing Credibility in the Instruments of Enlightenment Science
Richard Dunn

8. Mapping New Spaces
Patricia Seed

9. By Hand or By Engine
Richard Dunn

10. The Ship as Object: The Launch of the Queen Charlotte

James Davey

11. The Nautical Almanac: Instrument of Controversy
Sophie Waring

12. The Navy’s New Clothes
Amy Miller

13. Unwrapping Gods: Illuminating Encounters with Gods, Comets and Missionaries
Maia Nuku

Part III. Artificial Curiosities

14. Persons and Things
Jonathan Lamb

15. The Fabric of Domestic Life: Rethinking the Humble Painted Cloth
Tara Hamling

16. The Willdey Telescope: Instrument for Fashion, Learning and Amusement
Alexi Baker

17. Cataloguing Curiosities: Whitby’s Barkcloth Book
Billie Lythberg

18. Art and Things: Fragonard’s Colour Box
Hannah Williams

19. Keep Within Compass
Katy Barrett

20. Perfected Thing: A Lay Figure by Paul Huot
Jane Munro

Part IV. Exotic Goods

21. A Home Away from Home: Sophie Magdalene’s Clockwork Chinoiserie
Josefine Baark

22. The Chinese Tallow Tree: From Asset in Asia to Curse in Carolina
Charles Jarvis

23. Global Connections: Punch, Porcelain and Maritime Material Culture
John McAleer

24. A Damaged and Discarded Thing
Anne Gerritsen

25. Sarah Sophia Banks, Adam Afzelius and a Coin from Sierra Leone
Catherine Eagleton

26. A Pacific Macrocosm: ‘Les Sauvages de la mer Pacifique’
Billie Lythberg

27. ‘Columen Vitae’: Pharmaceutical Packaging, 1750–1850
Jennifer Basford

28. Tropical Lifestyles, Luxury, and the Health of Britain’s Global Power, 1793–1825
Jonathan Eacott

Part V. Worlds on Paper

29. Extra-illustrations: The Order of the Book and the Fantasia of the Library
Luisa Calè

30. Paperslips
Leanna McLaughlin

31. Advertising and Print Culture in the Eighteenth Century
Philippa Hubbard

32. Kitty Fisher: The Commodification of Celebrity
Faramerz Dabhoiwala

33. An Admirable Typology
Billie Lythberg, Maia Nuku, Amiria Salmond

34. Connoisseurship and the Communication of Anatomical Knowledge: The Case of William Cheselden’s Osteographia (1733)
Alexander Wragge-Morley

Keywords: Literature, Eighteenth-Century Literature, Literary History, History of the Book, European Literature

Publication year
Palgrave Studies in the Enlightenment, Romanticism and the Cultures of Print
Page amount
16 pages
Litterary Studies
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