Botsiou, Konstantina E.

The Balkans in the Cold War

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Table of contents

Part I. The Balkans and the Creation of the Cold War Order

1. Greece and the Birth of Containment: An American Perspective
John O. Iatrides

2. Stalin, the Split with Yugoslavia, and Soviet–East European Efforts to Reassert Control, 1948–53
Mark Kramer

3. From Regional Role to Global Undertakings: Yugoslavia in the Early Cold War
Svetozar Rajak

Part II. Military Alliances and the Balkans

4. The Puzzle of the Heretical: Yugoslavia in NATO Political Analysis, 1951–72
Evanthis Hatzivassiliou

5. Between Global and Regional Cold Wars: Turkey’s Search to Harmonize Its Security Engagements in the 1950s
Ayşegül Sever

6. The Warsaw Pact in the Balkans: The Bulgarian Perspective
Jordan Baev

Part III. Uneasy Relations with the Superpowers

7. The Balkan Challenge to the Warsaw Pact, 1960–64
Laurien Crump

8. ‘We Did Not Quarrel, We Did Not Curse’: The Price of Yugoslav Independence After the Soviet Intervention in Czechoslovakia
Ivo Banac

9. The US, the Balkans and Détente, 1963–73
Effie G. H. Pedaliu

Part IV. Balkan Dilemmas in the 1970s and 1980s and the ‘Significant Other’: The EEC

10. The Only Game in Town? EEC, Southern Europe and the Greek Crisis of the 1970s
Eirini Karamouzi

11. Under the Shadow of the Soviet Union: The EEC, Yugoslavia and the Cold War in the Long 1970s
Benedetto Zaccaria

12. Balkan Dilemmas in the 1970s and 1980s: A Point of No Return?
Konstantina E. Botsiou

Part V. Identity, Culture, Ideology

13. Yugoslavia: The 1950 Cultural and Ideological Revolution
Miroslav Perišić

14. The Fusion of Regional and Cold War Problems: The Macedonian Triangle Between Greece, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, 1963–80
Spyridon Sfetas

15. Cutting Through the Cold War: The EEC and Turkey’s Great Westernization Debate
Mehmet Döşemeci

Part VI. Conclusion

16. The Balkans: A Cold War Mystery
Odd Arne Westad

Keywords: History, Russian, Soviet, and East European History, History of Modern Europe, Political History, Military and Defence Studies

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Security, Conflict and Cooperation in the Contemporary World
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